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Apple Keyboard (Aluminum) keycap removal

I decided to switch around my new Apple Keyboard to use the Dvorak layout. I didn’t find any resources when I searched, so here are photos and directions. It worked for me but I can’t guarantee your success. Research the cost and availability of replacement parts before attempting.

All of the keys that must be moved to convert the new aluminum keyboard to the Dvorak layout have their scissors arranged this way. The two clips along the top of the keycap hold onto the bars near the top of the scissors. These must be pulled free. Then the lower tabs are released by moving the key toward the upper edge of the keyboard; turning the keyboard face down helps.

I found these easier to remove than the keycaps on the MacBook Pro—I didn’t break any of the scissors this time! Also, the scissors appear to be harder to replace as a result of their stronger design. If you break one, leave a note to help others avoid the same outcome.

Keycap Removal

  1. Slide a thin, non-marring tool such as a fingernail under the top edge of the keycap.
  2. Depress the bottom edge of the keycap.
  3. Rotate the keycap up with increasing pressure until the two top clips are released from the scissor.
  4. Invert the keyboard and jiggle the key to release the lower hinges.

Keycap Replacement

  1. Drop the keycap into place.
  2. Jiggle the key to seat the lower pivots.
  3. Press down with increasing pressure until the top clips click into place.

Switching to Dvorak on a MacBook Pro

This is my first article typed on a Dvorak keyboard. I just finished moving the keycaps around on my MacBook Pro and I haven’t yet had occasion to use every letter in a sentence. (Q and Z were the holdouts.) My favorite keys are B and apostrophe.

The preceding paragraph was written in eight minutes.