Macro Monday

Yesterday the girls played with frogs out in the neighborhood. If you asked the frogs, who were quite worn out at the end of the session, this would not be a good subject for macro photography. I brought out my Panasonic GX8 with 10mm macro extension tube and 14-140mm lens and shot video for about 20 minutes. Most of the footage is blurred by focus and/or motion but there were a few good clips and several good frames. You can have the frames now and I will post the clips on YouTube later, so go and subscribe to my YouTube channel today.


Apple Watch after six months, update

The watch seemed dead. No plug-me-in screen appeared. The display was blank and my phone couldn’t connect to the watch. I left it on the charger overnight and although it felt warm when I checked it in the morning, it was still blank and unresponsive.

For some reason I wore the watch anyway. Maybe I would drop by the Apple store but probably not.

A few hours into the day, someone asked me about my watch. “I think it’s dead,” I said as I raised my wrist and pressed the buttons, “see anything?”

“Yeah, the plug-me-in screen.”


So now it’s fine.

What this episode showed me was how much and how little I missed my watch. My awareness of the correct time was somewhat decreased. I missed a few notifications. I had forgotten how my phone used to do these things for me.

Because I don’t rely on my watch for much more than time, weather, fitness and notifications, living without it was not hard.

Still, I’m glad it’s back.