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Apple Watch after six months, update

The watch seemed dead. No plug-me-in screen appeared. The display was blank and my phone couldn’t connect to the watch. I left it on the charger overnight and although it felt warm when I checked it in the morning, it was still blank and unresponsive.

For some reason I wore the watch anyway. Maybe I would drop by the Apple store but probably not.

A few hours into the day, someone asked me about my watch. “I think it’s dead,” I said as I raised my wrist and pressed the buttons, “see anything?”

“Yeah, the plug-me-in screen.”


So now it’s fine.

What this episode showed me was how much and how little I missed my watch. My awareness of the correct time was somewhat decreased. I missed a few notifications. I had forgotten how my phone used to do these things for me.

Because I don’t rely on my watch for much more than time, weather, fitness and notifications, living without it was not hard.

Still, I’m glad it’s back.