Soluble Fiber

I was just stuffing my face with a crunchy granola bar for a mid-morning blood sugar bump. I noticed that the Nutrition Facts label has an entry for Soluble Fiber. It’s half the total for the Fiber category. That got me thinking. What difference does that make? Are the soluble fibers going to be digested and absorbed as carbs while the others will pass undigested as roughage?

Next I wondered whether chewing had any effect on solubility. I don’t guess so. Chewing won’t cause many changes at the molecular level. Compared to what goes on in the gut, that is.

Finally I wondered at the crunchiness of the granola bar. They also make a chewy variety. It’s amazing to me that these textures can be so important to the experience of eating. I could have pulverized the granola bar and then combined it with my drink to make a paste before eating it. Digestion would have proceeded regardless.

Or would it? Doesn’t the appetizing crunch assist digestion more than merely slurping down a less palatable paste?

Eating is wonderful when you take the time to experience it. Here’s to more of that.

1 thought on “Soluble Fiber

  1. Saw a documentary / experiement once. A regiment of troops were split 50/50. They had the same foodstuffs (carrot, some meat, glass of water, etc) for dinner, same amounts. Half the troops ate their dinner with each foodstuff prepared seperately. The other half had their dinner prepared as a soup.

    4 hours later, the first half was already hungry again, whereas the half that had dined on soup still felt full.

    Seems opposite to how I thought the digestion would handle those situations.

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