I miss school

Matt misses school. I miss school, too. Sometimes I think about returning as a part-time or auditing student. I would definitely be a much better student now but what matters most is that I would be able to engage the teachers without fear. I used to be scared to say anything to a teacher.

I think that feeling stems from the way my second grade teacher scolded me for my precocious objection to her rule that “you can’t subtract a bigger number from a smaller number.” I went in knowing about negative numbers and I came out embarrassed and confused and unable to trust teachers.

I vowed that I would quit school as soon as I could. Fortunately I forgot about my vow until my third year in college. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I miss school

  1. I’m a high-school math teacher and in one lesson I talk about doing those things your teacher said you couldn’t. There are 3 of them. The first is the one you mentioned, subtracting a big number from a smaller one. The second is taking the square root of a negative. And the third is dividing by zero. These are all things teachers told you that must not be done (end of the world or something)!

  2. It’s weird that when I stopped going to school for a year due to a health problem, I terribly missed school. After that, I excelled in school. Now I’m feeling very lazy to study again. I think I need to stop again (but I can’t anyway. boohoo).

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