Thanks to Pema Chodron

I never took a serious interest in Buddhism. Maybe because it never did anything for me, I never did anything for it. Yesterday that changed.

Zoe and I were on a flight when I got furious at a flight attendant. Mean thoughts dominated my mind and shaped my attitude. I pulled out my iPod hoping to find something with the power to calm me. I found Pema Chödrön‘s lecture, Getting Unstuck, and started at around the 35 minute mark.

Within five minutes my emotional situation was explained and my rage subsided. She had begun to explain shenpa and I saw how I had become attached to my angry feelings for the flight attendant. At that moment it was easy to let go of the anger.

Today the lesson resonates like a gong. A few minutes ago I unsubscribed myself from a blog that stokes my rage and fails to provide great enough value to offset the time spent reading. I get attached to things for the nuttiest reasons.

4 thoughts on “Thanks to Pema Chodron

  1. See… your response was to find an intellectual way to calm your anger. Mine was to visualize hitting him with the crutch he insisted on taking away.

    Good thing one of us is level headed.

  2. I had a long running tendency to subscribe to blogs that just made me angry. I thought it would be good to listen to opposing viewpoints, but i usually find that using that as a criteria leads to finding less open-minded bloggers. Letting go of those angsty obsessions is definitely a good thing.

    @Zoe – he took away a crutch? WTF?

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