Big Lebowski Easter Egg

Character wardrobes are either memorable or forgettable. I can’t catch a glimpse of a red-haired woman in a green robe without being reminded of Maude, yet a man wearing a white suit over a red shirt probably wouldn’t make me think of Jackie Treehorn. What was the Dude wearing when he crashed into the dumpster? Probably he had on a grungy V-neck and a sweater, but that’s because the Dude abides. Maybe my noticing the robe is a personal fixation. I’m okay with that. This isn’t my thesis, it’s just conversation.

Most of the wardrobe design in The Big Lebowski is subtle, though I believe it was nearly all intentional. During a recent viewing, I noticed that two characters had swapped shirts. Have you noticed? If so, did you find it significant?

If you intend to look for it, don’t decode this rot13-encoded clue: “fvp frzcre”.

2 thoughts on “Big Lebowski Easter Egg

  1. Not sure about switching shirts, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the ball change color in the opening credits. I believe it goes from red to blue

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