status: waiting

I like to travel and I like to blog. I don’t do either as much as I might like. Microblogging gets done even less despite supposedly being easier, faster, more convenient. Am I doing it wrong?

It is common among my San Francisco friends to sling tweets in a bar or restaurant or shopping mall while friends look on. It gets less annoying over time but in a social situation the snub sticks because the act is essentially parasocial. The elitism faded after the rise of microblogging via SMS but the snub still sticks.

During a cross-country motorcycle trip I twittered my gas stops. This was a comfort for friends and family and I might find it useful if I decide to retrace my path and need a reference. That kind of usefulness doesn’t come around often.

I am waiting for a plane, typing on a sub-qwerty BlackBerry Pearl keypad into the standard WordPress post box, even though it is crippled by my primitive mobile browser. It seems I think of mobile blogging not when engaging in exciting outdoor activities, or seeing amazing things, or talking with interesting people, but when I have nothing better to do. (If you wonder, I press 18 keys to add emphasis each time.)

Usually I am happy to spend waiting time immersed in an audiobook or music. Today I posted a few words of status on Facebook when I sat down for a wait. I remembered that just a few minutes ago while driving I turned off the radio to develop some thoughts by expessing them out loud. Had I thought to buy speech recognition software and a voice recorder I could be editing those forgotten words on my laptop right now.

I don’t think I will ever get the hang of microblogging until I have a device that makes it so easy that it outweighs the lack of usefulness. And now they are closing the aircraft door and my thumbs hurt. Bye.

3 thoughts on “status: waiting

  1. I’m glad the salesman convinced me to go for the curve – I can’t imagine typing as much as I do on a sub-querty. I find wphone reasonably useful on a blackberry, although I’d much rather see a native blackberry app.

    As far as microblogging, I only finally had enough friends on twitter for it to be worthwhile, right when I moved, so it’s not worthwhile anymore. facebook has enough real-world relevance to be worth doing, when it’s not too intrusive.

  2. If you feel like you might have the occasional though you would like to have transcribed, you should try Jott. The account is free and they provide a phone number for you to call. You can categorize your notes via the voice interface as well. The notes get automatically transcribed for you.

    I don’t believe Jott supports transcribing an entire blog post. But it might be just the thing for notes and microblogging.

  3. Microblogging and regular blogging are two distinct activities that serve separate purposes:

    Microblogging is perfect for personal “diary” blogging as it serves as a complement to social interaction with the individuals who are interested in the day-to-day events of one’s life (namely, friends and family).

    Blogging is article-centric; one needs to have something to say that is of interest to the sort of person who wants to sit down for two, three, perhaps five minutes.

    Archived blog articles also tend to retain relevance, whereas one really isn’t missing much if he only reads the 10 most recent Tweets or Jotts.

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