3 thoughts on “Individual right, right on

  1. Does this cover my individual right to walk around with throwing stars? Because that’s a right I can get behind.

  2. I already had that right in Florida, but maybe this will get us closer to sane gun transportation and open carry laws, nationwide. I guess the next step is to challenge open carry prohibitions in states without SHALL ISSUE concealed carry.

    In other news, I think this will present an obstacle to the continuing attempts to reenact a federal ban on semi-automatic rifles (aka “guns that look mean”). Scalia said that it is unconstitutional to ban a whole class of weapons that people legally use for home defense purposes.

  3. I understand – and agree with – gun control supporters’ desire to be protected, but this does not constitute a right, nor is removing guns from the law-abiding a path to safety.

    The right in question is the right to defend oneself. There is no such right to “be protected”, as this presupposes that someone else is doing the protecting, and one cannot have a right that is dependent on someone else. The moment that protector is not there to prevent a criminal from harming a person, the victim has just lost his “right” to be protected.

    On the other hand, the right to defend oneself by one’s own efforts is inalienable, and the second amendment directly supports this right.

    The real shame is that the vote was not 9-0. The right to defend oneself *barely* passes in the Supreme Court… that’s the biggest red flag of the whole sordid business.

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