Cost of a free stapler

Wise Bread told me how to get a free Swingline stapler. It’s not Milton’s red stapler but I did have my eye on staplers at the store, so I was interested.

The survey starts with an email address and at some point they’ll collect your mailing address. There was no link to a privacy policy so I went looking and found one after about two minutes. It said they will email me, send me literature, and share my info with other companies.

I pictured myself shredding sheafs of junk mail while grumbling at my shiny new stapler. How much would my free stapler cost me? If I can get ACCO to take me off their sharing and promo lists, not much. I took the survey.

3 thoughts on “Cost of a free stapler

  1. If you get this red stapler, does that mean you will burn the WordPress building down? That would suck.

    BTW, is your facial hair a tribute to Guy Fawkes? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Is there a WordPress building? Or is it a statement of mind? With that said, that stapler looks top-o’-the-line

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