Pass Quiz to Comment

Last Sunday my blog sent me a handful of comments to moderate. Normally I don’t mind because even on a bad day Akismet catches nearly every spam comment and I can deal with the rest in less time than it takes to bring my blood to a boil. But when I have to deal with comments from people who have not read the article, whether they are spammers or trolls or some other form of internet asshole, it’s a whole other heating element.

The solution is Quiz, a WordPress plugin that I wrote while enjoying a pot of coffee on Sunday. With Quiz installed, comments don’t even come to moderation unless the commentator has correctly answered a question in the comment form.

Authors can write a new question for each blog article just by typing a shortcode into the article, like this:

[quiz What is your quest? to seek the holy grail]

This secret shortcode will never be shown to visitors. (It is safely stored in postmeta.) If you publish without a quiz shortcode, your article will use the default question which you can specify by editing the plugin. There is also a shortcode to override the default: [noquiz]

Quiz is free. It could be made easier to use. If you are interested in improving it, email me for SVN access.