3 thoughts on “Homework

  1. can anyone post an updated download link for this software or email it to me at tarik_ali2001 [at] hotmail [dot] com i would really like to decompile ths software and check it out for myself as i was duped into buying the newsletter @ $50 but didnt go for the marl tester thing.

  2. Got duped in this myself and lost about 1500.00 Looks like there would be someway to work the scammer over thru the SEC. Contact me I am from S.C. My deal was March to june. Only got partial money back

  3. You want a sure thing?Ill give you a sure thing LOL
    Short sell every spam stock reccomendation you get.
    Sometimes you will lose a little on commission and from it not moving at all.But 97% of the time it will go down 50% within 2 weeks LOL LOL and more LOL’s

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