Web Clip Widgets cool but…

I can’t make a web clip of a page that requires a login cookie and I can’t submit a form in a web clip. That means I can’t web clip my blog stats (all I see is an inert login form) and I can’t web clip the post publishing form. Now I have to think of other awesome things to clip into my Leopard dashboard.

3 thoughts on “Web Clip Widgets cool but…

  1. It may help if you disable the checkbox, ‘only play audio in dashboard’. That’ll keep a sort of ‘cache’, so the clip should stay logged in as long as you don’t reboot.

  2. Although the idea is cool (very cool, actually, considering the whole Safari selection thing), I can’t really think of anywhere I’d use it where there isn’t already a widget. I tried one out on my Last.fm recent tracks but it was slow to update and, well, there’s already a widget ;).

    I guess that means that it worked with a login cookie, then.

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