Good for a laugh in the morning

I bought a brand-new, old-fashioned, man-powered, arm-numbing, sweat-breaking lawn mower today. No fuel, no plug, pure fun. The blades don’t chop down the taller stuff so it’s a good thing that I also bought a trimmer. I mowed until it was dark so I don’t know how bad it looks but I’m sure it’s not good. I knew better than to mow the lawn after dark but I was having too much fun to quit. Every step made me appreciate that square foot of land.

“You ain’t no kind of man if you ain’t got land.” (Who said that?)

I’m sure the exhilaration of lawn mowing will wear off tomorrow morning when I try to finish the job and find my arms too heavy to lift.

6 thoughts on “Good for a laugh in the morning

  1. As the salesperson told me when I was looking for mowers, “Armstrong are good mowers”.

    It’s difficult to buy an electric mower here. Everyone chooses the convenience and cost of gas mowers.

  2. And to think that we used to have such a hard time to get you use our “self propelled” gas mower.

    Maybe we should have bought an “armstrong” or is it “tired arm” mower for you…


  3. I finished (redid) the front lawn today and edged around all the pavement. Very satisfying! But now I need a broom for the clippings. I also wonder whether there’s an unpowered edging tool that would work…

  4. In Hawaii, there are few lawn mowers. Everyone just weedwacks everything. I guess this is because grass isn’t very natural here – little rain – most yards are made of sod and have a weird uneven look to them.

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