Monthly Archives: August 2007

Can’t leave Austin

Not that I plan to go to the Holy Grail Quote-Along—I find gratuitous Monty Python quoting annoying—but they serve beer so maybe I will go. The point is, Austin has several Alamo Drafthouse Theaters. Other cities have 30-screen art-deco theaters that set my nerves on edge and they don’t serve beer or good food like the Alamo. Oh, and the teenagers. Yeah, screw that.

Alamo Drafthouse Theaters also promote the art outside the motion picture industry with open screen nights, film-making contests, and film festivals. Signature events include food and film pairings, sing-alongs, and celebrity guests. They pair movies with insane expositions. They make their own Don’t Talk During The Movie clips all the time. How To Order clips are also frequently refreshed. You can even see TV shows like Lost and 24. Check them out on YouTube.

Hell, they had a DVD release party for Trapped in the Closet. This is what dark magic binds me to Austin.

Glenn Gould plays Bach and hums

I bought two CDs of Glenn Gould playing Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations (1981) and The Art of the Fugue. He’s a brilliant pianist and he really rocks the Johann Sebastian Bach but I sometimes wish he had shut up during the recording sessions. I don’t hear it during the organ fugues but his off-tune humming comes through on many of the piano tracks. In some places it’s cute but mostly it evokes jittery images of Frankenstein hunched over his work in one of his mad genius fits. Excellent albums.