What Are Wii Playing

Barry brought his Nintendo Wii along for his trip to Texas this week and so I got to play with it a bit. Lucky me! The Wii is as much fun as you would expect. What sets it apart, and what makes up for its weak graphics, is its controllers.

Until the Wii, game console controllers have been fundamentally unchanged for decades. Every few years there would be something new–extra buttons, triggers, analog sticks, vibration, dance pads, and wireless technology kept us hanging on–but the pushbutton crowd kept innovation on a very short leash. The Wii breaks out of that leash with its motion-sensitive controllers and their famously breaking straps. No lanyard is too strong for Nintendo!

I had a bit of fun on the side by turning on my iSight camera and capturing a few minutes of Wii action for posterity.

3 thoughts on “What Are Wii Playing

  1. Unchanged? Don’t forget the original Xbox innovation of controllers for people with monstrously sized hands (aka how to design yourself out of Japan by not having usability studies).

  2. engtech: Yeah, but too little too late. Andre the Giant was dead by then.

    Lloyd: That beat is from the opening seconds of the video.

    iMovie is a poor tool for this kind of thing. I had to stop editing the video because the program started to barf on every edit, even with 2GB RAM. I miss Final Cut Pro.

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