Things are good here. A new coffee shop just opened up a few weeks ago. Sign says "XXIV hours" which is cool. I've been there almost every day this week, chatting up all kinds of people. Seems the revolution is dead. Not from lack of wanting. It's just that nobody knows how to do it. Or they all have ADD and can't think about it long enough to concatenate words into sentences.

One was memorable: "If you throw gasoline on somebody who is not on fire, they are not going to get hotter because of it." 

How's it with you?

5 thoughts on “Epoch

  1. the revolution is never dead it just underground gaining a head of steam
    why the concern – do you long to speak to someone who can string more than two intelligent thoughts together? if so you’re no more likely to find them in a coffeebar than you are to find them in myspaces
    check out a vegetarian restaurant – that’s where the real action is 😉

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