Wind-warm Factor

It's hot down here. I don't bother to look at the temperature because it would go to my head and I'd stay indoors all day. I know it's over 100°F because even as I ride at 45mph, the air warms my skin. The effect is like that of a convection oven. It's almost the opposite of wind-chill. Unfortunately the term "windburn" describes a phenomenon that is unrelated to heat. What can we call this then?

1 thought on “Wind-warm Factor

  1. derma-thermo-ow. or maybe ‘flaming ball of death’ syndrome. i dunno. the treatment would be something like: step 1 – pack a backpack and ride north, at least past the texas border, if not the canadian border. step 2 – re-assess situation, possibly over a nutty buddy or bomb pop. mmmm, nutty buddy.

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