Busted Flapper

Stoneleigh at Gracy Farms is where I have lived for almost two years. Today I walked into the leasing office and had the following exchange:

Manager: How can I help you?
Me: I have a busted flapper.
Manager: Which one?
Me: In the master.
Manager: Okay, I'll put in a work order. 816, right?
Me: Yup. Thanks!

Now that's good service. Not only did she instantly know what I meant by "a busted flapper," she knew my apartment number. I can't believe how cheap the rent is, too. If I had a roommate paying half of it I would be rich indeed.

2 thoughts on “Busted Flapper

  1. ok. so doing a google search on ‘busted flapper’ returns this page as number 1, followed by several other, less important sites. with my two second internet search attempts completely foiled, i have to ask what a busted flapper is. it’s fun to say, and doesn’t refer to a middle class woman from the twenties getting arrested, although i guess it could.

  2. It’s the hinged or flexible rubber stopper at the bottom of a toilet tank. It flaps. The connection to the flushing handle busted.

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