Dyson DC15: The Ball

Sears was discounting 10% off almost everything in the store for Sears Card holders, so I went and got the vacuum cleaner I've had my eye on. I saved $50 and turned down the offer for a service contract. With tax, it was less expensive than any other place I'd looked, online or local.

This purchase has grown more urgent every day since my vacuum-owning roommates moved out. Recently I took care of a friend's dog for a few days, an adventure that left my apartment looking like what a dog would look like from the inside if you turned it inside-out and filled it with air and furniture.

The vacuum is a Dyson DC15, the yellow and grey model that rides on a ball for maximum maneuverability. It's one of those bagless vacuums that they say doesn't lose suction when it fills up. I ran this thing over every inch of carpet in my aparment, emptying the canister several times. To confess the truth, in my zeal to clean I failed to empty the canister before breaching the "full" mark each time; it didn't occur to me that it would fill up so fast. That's a good sign.

There were many good signs. Things came out of the carpet that I never knew existed. Once when I was emptying the canister, the holy grail fell out. There's a spot in the corner where the vacuum seems to work much harder; I'm pretty sure it'll eventually pull up the ark of the covenant. I heard something jingling around in the canister and when I turned off the motor, I heard God exclaim, "Hey, you found my keys!"

All kidding aside, I am ecstatic about this vacuum. I took special care of it after the hard work it did today. After I got its canister washed out and its seals wiped clean and all of the hair and carpet fiber pulled from its brush bar, I am too proud of this machine to shove it into a dark closet. I must nurture my new appliance. Together, my Dyson and I will conquer the world!

9 thoughts on “Dyson DC15: The Ball

  1. Aside from the last line, I really like this post. I give you an A. Not an A+.


  2. Cool post. Been thinking of buying a Dyson myself, was just looking around to see what others were saying about them.

  3. I too just bought a DC15, and I had the EXACT same experience. My townhome is hardly two months old, and I couldn’t believe how much newer the carpets looked when I was done… and they ARE new. Stunning machine, absolutely amazing. My friends Zach and Jess have one and they raved about it so much that we were finally sold and picked one up. Spectacular cleaning machine.

  4. Ahhh yes, LOVE our Dyson vacuum too! We have the DC07 Animal and I am so impressed everytime I pull it out of the closet to use. I actually have taken over most of the vacuum duties in the house. I have yet to use The Ball but do look forward to getting the DC14 or DC17 soon.

  5. Dyson vacuums are literally the BEST, hands down. No more pet fur in my house! I have been using a DC07 Dyson, but just recently purchased the DC25 and the DC17. Both are killers!

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