Who let Wrestlemania move in above my apartment? That's not cool. There is some serious stomping going on up there!

Today I was awakened by a conversation taking place outside my bedroom window. Four young people were discussing the layout of my apartment, surely unaware that they were being overheard. They spoke of their uncertainty. "That door goes into the master bedroom." "Where's my window?" "You don't have a window."

My windows have heavy screens so that when I stood watching them point at my apartment, at me, they could not see me. They seemed friendly, so I unlocked the door from the master to the patio and stepped into view. Now I would be the only expert on the layout of my own apartment.

I learned that these people had signed a lease and were moving in two floors above my aparment. They still had questions, so I invited them in to look around. These are going to be good neighbors, I thought. Pleasant and friendly and not sharing any walls, floors or ceilings with me.

You know that I could walk up to the second floor and introduce myself and ask what all the stomping is about. I wouldn't even worry about offending them if they're just a bunch of overweight people walking around normally. There's just something nice about having mysterious sounds pounding above my head and not knowing what causes them.

Is this how mysticism began?