I am a MySpace user. Do not scorn me.

It is a new, guilty pleasure of mine. It all started when my sister told me she was getting messages from my old friends from high school. My ten-year reunion is this year and I haven't seen most of those people since graduation. Not being particularly upset with any of them, nor having any embarassing reason to avoid my high school cohort en masse, I signed up and started looking.

This isn't like, the site that spams you and teases you and won't let you contact your friends until you've paid their fee. MySpace makes it just as easy to find your classmates but the comparison ends there. You can be friends again without having to pay the middleman. I have recovered over a dozen old friends in as many days. This is good.

Not everything about MySpace is good. Sometimes strange people send me notes. Sometimes they request my friendship despite the complete absense of any supporting logic. Sometimes bands shamelessly self-promote in the same way. Sometimes, while I'm browsing my friends-of-friends, somebody will have crassly injected a music player into their profile so that my computer automatically plays their theme song as soon as the page loads in the browser; I usually mute all sound while browsing MySpace because of this autoplay nightmare.

The HTML markup is table-based and the CSS selectors are minimally useful. Injecting CSS into the page is allowed and not too difficult (as you might guess from the high incidence of inane profile themes) but the layout is held firm by the tables. They've dealt with their share of successful hacking attempts, too, so the CSS filtering and general security is in very good shape.

All in all, I'm glad to have joined MySpace. I don't spend time browsing strangers and looking for new friends. I don't use it as a primary source for information, entertainment, friendship or social experience. I don't even check my messages every day. But if you are already my friend and you would like to register that fact on MySpace, I'm there.

8 thoughts on “MySpace

  1. Oh, good. I was getting worried that the internet was lacking a certain level of Skeltoac involvement.

  2. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m also a MySpace user.

    I hid this from my friends out of shame of the reputation.

    But seriously, I got an account because I am planning my 10 year reunion. Since then I’ve been able to catch up with many friends from high school. A girl I played ball with in the 6th grade even found me!

    But, my space doesn’t have to be ugly.

  3. Thanks for the info on myspace Andy. I have had a few people ask me to join. I have not yet-but just might. I always get nervous about freaky people online. I never go to chat rooms or anything-but it would be cool to meet up with some old friends.

  4. Brian, I really appreciate that ad-blocker info. I am free of unwanted myspace filth.

    Rock on!

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