Movie Trivia: Pulp Fiction

It used to be that every time I would watch a movie by Quentin Tarantino I’d find some new joke or hidden irony. Now the frequency has diminished but the effect is the same.

Tonight I played Pulp Fiction four times in a row. Of course, I was busy doing other things at the same time but the soundtrack is great so I let it ride.

During the fourth showing, as Vincent was screaming at Lance to get the adrenaline shot that would save Mia from her heroin overdose, I noticed two board game boxes that someone had placed on a table in view of the camera and broke out laughing. That Quentin is, you know, like, witty.

What are the board games?

2 thoughts on “Movie Trivia: Pulp Fiction

  1. Operation and Life. I didn’t notice them when I saw the movie in the cinema, but I spotted them on the DVD release because I’d fortuitously paused the film at that point to go for a pee LOL.

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