SxSW Interactive: Sunday

Hi from the Austin Convention Center, 18abc! Having just seen the panel discussion about web DIY and starting your own web service, hosted by the Dogster guy–he said he didn’t actually grow up thinking he wanted to be “The Dogster Guy” when he grew up–I’m staying in the same room for Holistic Web Design.

This is a fantastic conference. Many of the people whose names drop like rain around the web are here, in the flesh, making eye contact and new friends and the seeds of new web miracles. Some people are meeting their future spouses, too, so don’t discount the possiblity of their making human seedlings, too. 😉

My goal for next year is to be on at least one panel. How?

4 thoughts on “SxSW Interactive: Sunday

  1. Andy, it’s not hard to get on a panel. Make friends with the people who are leaders on this years panels – they are ver suceptible to flattery – keep the quality of your own blog up, specifically something that appeals to the people you’re trying to befriend. Go to as many of the parties as you can and hand out your card, but don’t expect anyone you meet to visit your blog afterwards. You need to email them follow ups and comment on their entries with something relevant. Don’t bother until 3 months from now, drop a “I met you at sxsw, I liked what you had to say about XXX, here is what I have done with that information.”

    buhhh I have been invited for several panels but I hate myself too much to appear in front of bloggers.

  2. How do I outgeek you? Let me count the ways.

    Hey, I got you a Dogster button after chatting with the founder for a while. Maybe I’ll score you a shirt, too.

    But what do you care? 😉

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