Monthly Archives: March 2006

Movie Trivia: Pulp Fiction

It used to be that every time I would watch a movie by Quentin Tarantino I’d find some new joke or hidden irony. Now the frequency has diminished but the effect is the same.

Tonight I played Pulp Fiction four times in a row. Of course, I was busy doing other things at the same time but the soundtrack is great so I let it ride.

During the fourth showing, as Vincent was screaming at Lance to get the adrenaline shot that would save Mia from her heroin overdose, I noticed two board game boxes that someone had placed on a table in view of the camera and broke out laughing. That Quentin is, you know, like, witty.

What are the board games?

SxSW Interactive: Sunday

Hi from the Austin Convention Center, 18abc! Having just seen the panel discussion about web DIY and starting your own web service, hosted by the Dogster guy–he said he didn’t actually grow up thinking he wanted to be “The Dogster Guy” when he grew up–I’m staying in the same room for Holistic Web Design.

This is a fantastic conference. Many of the people whose names drop like rain around the web are here, in the flesh, making eye contact and new friends and the seeds of new web miracles. Some people are meeting their future spouses, too, so don’t discount the possiblity of their making human seedlings, too. 😉

My goal for next year is to be on at least one panel. How?