I have heard it said that “there is a first time for everything.” This is hard for me to believe. A thousand colorful examples are dancing on the tip of my tongue but I’ll not loose theme here.

If you’ve ever had that many dancers on your tongue at one time you’d understand. I don’t expect you to understand that but I do expect you to have heard it said that “there is a first time for everything.”

As I was saying, this saying is saying something that I’m saying isn’t true enough to be saying, especially when others will repeat the saying, saying it to others until the saying is subject to so much saying it becomes confused with truth.

After considerable reflection, considering that my consideration of “considerable” is considerably less than what a considerable number of people would consider considerable, and leaving out of consideration their consideration for my considerable lack of consideration on their part for myself, I consider the following to be the considerably preferable consideration:

“There is at most one first time for everything.”

This debunks many other truths held to be self-evident, such as the phenomenon of being born again and the concept of virginity regained after sexual intercourse. If you held these truths to be self-evident, I sincerely apologize for the crystal domes and stacks of turtles that are presently going to crash down from the heavens all over your self-evident FACE!!

1 thought on “Truism

  1. My sense is that one must consider the temporal existence, the world of time and matter, that carries us like sleeping children, from moment to ever fleeting moment. There is, in fact, a first time for EVERYTHING, and will always be so. That which came has went and was gone before it arrived. And so we are forever experiencing a first time for everything.

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