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Apple iTunes Music Store Support

Message from Andy Skelton to iTunes Support

“One of Them” and the rest of Season 1 and 2 are nicely encoded. “The Long Con” was very poorly encoded. The sound is scratchy and the video is dark. It’s painful to watch.

Lost is heroin and you’re delivering this dose with a corroded needle.

Response from iTunes Support

Dear Andy,

Thank you for your interest in iTunes videos. iTunes videos are optimized for playback on Apple’s new iPod. While all videos look great on iPod, some videos may look blotchy if you play them on your computer or HDTV. I recommend enjoying your purchased videos on Apple’s new iPod.


The iTunes Music Store Team

Translation: upgrade your needle.

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New Years Redux

My brother Greg and his wonderful wife Becci are moving to Japan in a few months. They’ll have a house there for three years. I just want to put this down for my future reference: it would rock to go out there and not worry about when I had to return to North America.

30 Boxes, one says “Happy”

DayRunner, Palm Pilot, Outlook, a sheet of paper in my wallet. That’s my progression through organizers. Progression, regression, digression, whatever. None of these things has organized me.

It would be asking too much to demand an object or software to organize a person, sure. But they should be so simple, easy, intuitive and obvious that I want to organize myself because of them. They aren’t!

This is all of that. Thanks to Matt, I am the proud user of a new calendar service called 30 Boxes. This is a must-see. It says “use me” in everything you do with it.

If you sign up and you would like to share calendars with me, you’ll find my profile here: Andy Skelton | 30 Boxes