My two brains

I’m going to share a realization with you, something I discovered just a few hours ago. I used to code on my 14.1-inch laptop screen but I recently got a wide-screen LCD monitor so I’ve taken to keeping windows open side-by-side.

Without thinking about it, I was initally inclined to have my browser on the right and my code editor on the left. A few days ago I was working on a script with my editor on the right and a status window on the left. Suddenly my code, which I had made proudly just hours before, looked silly and nonsensical. Like a foot with seven toes, it worked just fine but it offended my senses to see it. Somehow I had awakened a sensiblity that had theretofore been dormant.

For hours I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate on my code. I wanted to wipe it out and start over. I needed to make it more aesthetic. I was compelled to eradicate the ugliness and I would have if I hadn’t remembered something about brain lateralization. Right brain/left brain theory suddenly hit me like a solid thing. I moved my code back to the left side of my monitor and looked it over. It looked okay!

After much experimentation, including having the same file open in two editors side-by-side, I’ve found that I still do my best work with a window that keeps my eyes focused neither to the left nor to the right. Perhaps when I need a fresh look or a new idea I can take advantage of my two-brainedness by looking sidelong at my code.

Balance repeatedly proves itself a great virtue.