How to cook chili

[Third in a series of food-related articles, this one features a recipe for chili. It’s not the best recipe, but the chili was good. Actually there’s still some in the fridge. I think I’ll go heat it up. – Andy]


  • One can red beans
  • One can pinto beans
  • One can black beans
  • One can corn
  • One can no-bean chili (Wolf brand is okay)
  • One ounce 40-spice hummus
  • One-half tsp. Sriracha pepper sauce


  1. Empty can of black beans into saucepan
  2. Place on stove with medium heat
  3. Strain remaining beans and corn, add to saucepan
  4. Add chili, hummus and pepper sauce
  5. Simmer until starving, stirring occasionally
  6. Serve with bread and butter or hummus

2 thoughts on “How to cook chili

  1. Here’s another recipe:
    1 lb (or more) Hamburger
    1 can Tomato Sauce (little can)
    1 can Red Kidney Beans
    1 can Diced Tomatoes
    1 packet Chili Seasoning

    Brown burger, throw everything in a big pot, simmer.
    Top with Sour Cream.


  2. Now, thats crazy in AUSTRALIA, you take,

    2 cans of pinto beanz, two cans o red beans
    a whole brown onion and two or three fresh roma tomatoes
    about half a head of garlic(like bloody 7 cloves)
    and about 600grams to 1kg of good stewing beef, NOT mince or “hamburger)-just dice it up
    and use a blend of Numex Big Jim’s chilles and Red Savina Habaneros(ideally) u really wanna give it bloody hadfulls of peppers.
    give it salt, oregano and dried paprika, and juice in a half lime for tang and to make the meat tender. brown it down and stew it up REALLL good like, about hour, maybe hour and a half.YEAhhhhaha.Serve with grated cheese n crusty bread n beer. a food ALWAYS best eaten with mates.

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