Up In The Air

Tomorrow I fly to Vermont for a week of holiday holiday. The bandwidth is scarce at my parents’ house so I’ll be mostly unreachable except by voicemail and the occasional time spent online at my sister’s house.

This Christmas thing is way over my head. Maybe the spirit overlooked me when it was passing through, inspiring everyone with holiday cheer. It’ll be nice to see family and all, but the desire to shop and buy presents and all of the commercial aspects have passed me by this year.

Last year saw me present an inspired gift to one person, and it was really only a gag gift. This year, not so much.

One time my mother told me I didn’t have to buy anything, that it was enough for me just to make the trek and see the family. That was nice.

3 thoughts on “Up In The Air

  1. I’m glad you’re here even if I only saw you on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you #@&*!! Oh yeah, you need to update your bio…

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