My murderous feelings are not directed at you.

You are reading this, therefore you are human and therefore you are not Microsoft Internet Explorer. Thank you for not being the thing I have evil intentions toward. However, if you are using IE to browse this site, you are using the thing that I mortally despise and you might feel some hatred flying in your direction. I assure you that this ill will is not targeted at you.

Thank you. Please resume being anything but MSIE. If you’re using MSIE, please stop and use Firefox instead.

Oh, you clicked to read the rest, huh? You must want to know why I hate Microsoft Internet Explorer. Let me just sum it up by saying that this browser’s way of displaying HTML has me enfuriated to the point that I am mangling my own tongue with my incessant gnashing of teeth. IE is being absolutely stupid as I try to work around some of its bugs in the WordPress 2.0 admin interface.

Does Microsoft have any idea of the quantity of time and money spent on developing workarounds to their ill-conceived browser behavior? I am not thankful. My time would be better spent developing wonderful new features to make users happy. Instead I spend the time blemishing beautiful software (WordPress) by inserting little hacks everywhere to force IE to unbutcher the web, so that users won’t be upset with US.

I would scream but I’m in a public place and I would like to be welcome here in the future. Microsoft IE 6, go to hell.