Monthly Archives: December 2005

Up In The Air

Tomorrow I fly to Vermont for a week of holiday holiday. The bandwidth is scarce at my parents’ house so I’ll be mostly unreachable except by voicemail and the occasional time spent online at my sister’s house.

This Christmas thing is way over my head. Maybe the spirit overlooked me when it was passing through, inspiring everyone with holiday cheer. It’ll be nice to see family and all, but the desire to shop and buy presents and all of the commercial aspects have passed me by this year.

Last year saw me present an inspired gift to one person, and it was really only a gag gift. This year, not so much.

One time my mother told me I didn’t have to buy anything, that it was enough for me just to make the trek and see the family. That was nice.

Sunday Morning

Yay! I slept when it was dark and woke up in time for the sunrise!

Living 28-hour days is one way to recover from a messed-up sleep cycle. Now, let’s see if I can shed the 28-hour momentum and get used to normal-length days again. What a trip!

Sleep Tight

I wonder if I’ll ever be the same again. I’ve really messed up my sleep cycle. The past two days, I’ve slept away almost every hour of daylight. The wee hours are quiet and I enjoy the solitude and focus that result, but it doesn’t seem quite right. I’ll have to switch back to sleeping at night before I get to Vermont or I’ll be jet lagged.

Austin Architecture Firm

I just had a nice conversation with Chad Pierce, professional architect and principal of SPM Architecture of Austin, TX. He spotted me sitting in the pub with my laptop and struck up a conversation. We chatted about web presences because I am involved in web development and he has a website. From looking at his site and talking with him, it sounds like he has built a very high-quality firm. If I need an architect, I’ll call Chad.

Unfortunately I don’t do web design on the side because Chad really needs a blog on his site. If anyone is interested in integrating a WordPress blog into the SPM Architecture site, or integrating his flash site into a WordPress blog, please contact him via the email address on his website.

My murderous feelings are not directed at you.

You are reading this, therefore you are human and therefore you are not Microsoft Internet Explorer. Thank you for not being the thing I have evil intentions toward. However, if you are using IE to browse this site, you are using the thing that I mortally despise and you might feel some hatred flying in your direction. I assure you that this ill will is not targeted at you.

Thank you. Please resume being anything but MSIE. If you’re using MSIE, please stop and use Firefox instead.

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