Project Entropia: Scam

[Update: October 2010]

I recently started playing the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Project Entropia (PE) and I want to share my experience with anyone who is researching the game or its creator, MindArk, especially as regards the inevitable labeling of PE as a “scam.”

I’m not affiliated with MindArk in any way. I discovered PE while browsing blogs. Someone had linked to a article about the sale of a space station for $100,000US. In reaction to this article, I downloaded the free game and began to play.


Project Entropia is a virtual universe with a real cash economy. It is set on the distant colony of Calypso, the first habitable planet mankind has ever found. The players take the roles of colonizers that strive to build a new world together, under the threat from various enemies that wants [sic] to destroy the colony.

What does this mean?
It means that Project Entropia is a large multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The normal way such games operate is by purchasing the client software in a store and then pay a subscription fee every 30 days, while the internal game economy is just that—a game economy.

Project Entropia does the opposite! The client software is free to download over the Internet and there are no subscription fee associated whatsoever. The real cash economy means that the internal Project Entropia economy is linked to the real world economy, by using a currency called the Project Entropia Dollar (PED), which have a fixed exchange rate to the US Dollar (10 PED equals 1 USD).

You as a player use PED to acquire virtual land and equipment in Project Entropia to invest in your avatar???s (Player representation in the virtual universe) growth and abilities. A unique aspect of Project Entropia is that a player may elect to transfer PED back into real life currency, thereby enabling them to earn real money while playing an online computer game.
Project Entropia website

I immediately learned that one can get “free money” while very new in the game by gathering and bottling the sweat from live, hostile animals and selling the bottles to other players. This method is tedious and the payout is pennies per hour of gameplay. I played this way for several days to see if the frequent skill rank advancements meant I would start getting more sweat per hour, but I got bored and decided it would be worth the price of a mainstream game just to find out if PE was any fun.

I sent about $22 via paypal to a German outfit for 200 PED (Project Entropia Dollars). Notice that the transaction wasn’t free. Withdrawals aren’t free, either: you pay 1.5% of the amount, minimum 100PED ($10US). With this 200PED I bought a weapon and began to hunt the animals that were so reluctant to give of their sweat. I also bought some armor to cover up the ugly orange jumpsuit that is the only possession of a new recruit.

I soon learned that hunting is a costly occupation at this early stage in the game. My income didn’t meet the cost of ammo. On top of that, the weapon needed costly repairs.

Game fees

Players in PE do not pay any fixed game fee or monthly subscription fee in order to play the game. Players costs are the equipment and objects that they collect as they play and which wear out with use. The players must regularly upgrade their possessions via special automated service stations to retain full capacity.

For example, a hunting weapon wears in relation to the number of shots discharged. The wear level is indicated via status information on the screen and can also be noticed by reduced performance in the object. The normal service fee for an active player lies between 0.5 and 1.5 USD per hour played. About PE

That’s what I’ve been paying to play this game, give or take a dollar. Compared to World of Warcraft, an MMORPG that cost me $50 for the software and $15 per month of unlimited gameplay, it’s an expensive game for the average player. Did anyone really expect to download a free game, play it for free and get paid to do it? I hope not. I never read any promise from MindArk to that effect.

There is no shortage of enticement, however. Throughout the game, messages scroll in one corner of the screen to inform me that so-and-so killed/mined/manufactured something “at a value of XX PED!” These are enticing numbers indeed. I am hunting “Atrox Young” (a mini t-rex of sorts) and getting 0-5PED per kill, still losing money due to equipment degredation. I see a message, “X-Y-Z killed an Atrox Young at a value of 84 PED!” so I keep hunting despite the poor returns.

Is MindArk doing something illegal? I doubt they are and I doubt it ever will be illegal to create an online economy such as this. The players are certainly playing at a premium price, unless one deems himself unworthy of any occupation higher than Professional Sweat Gatherer.

Are they stealing from me? No, I’m paying for a unique experience. I had an item disappear from my inventory once but it returned when I logged in the next time. I doubt I’ll spend $26,500US to buy an island like this guy did. Although I did read somewhere that he has already recouped the investment by collecting taxes and selling deeds.

Is it possible to make money in PE? Sure, people do, especially the traders. There are online “companies” composed of participants with the sole purpose of buying low and selling high. They don’t use weapons or armor, but their expensive clothes wear out over time just to make things fair. Traders are too proud to wear the orange jumpsuit.

Is Project Entropia a scam? That depends on your idea of a scam. The purpose of the game is to make MindArk money while providing gamers with entertainment. There’s nothing untoward about that. The rules are clear but the formulas are not. I knew that items were subject to entropy (Project Entropia, get it?) before I ever spent a dime on the game. I did not know that it’s impossible to go out there and kill enough monsters to pay for the damage done to my sword every time I swing it, but that lesson only cost me $3.

I am still playing Project Entropia, still exploring and enjoying the virtual universe of Calypso, still dulling my laser sword and still paying for it all. I do this because my hopes to make money in PE were dashed and supplanted by a better reason to play a game: fun.

Hey now, what’s this? Somebody in an orange jumpsuit wants me to buy his hard-earned sweat. That’s a good price, too. I bet I can make a buck here before the night is done. 😉

Update: October 2010

That trade with the newbie earned me a few pennies of profit, less than the cost of the clothes that wore out during the transaction. I quit playing and deleted my account in 2006. I found other, less costly games less stressful and more fun. However, this article has gathered new visitors and comments ever since. The story remains the same: some people feel cheated, others consider the game a fairly priced entertainment, and a tiny minority claim personal prosperity. I’m curious how the game experience has advanced in years since I last looked. Maybe I’ll give it another few bucks to find out.

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  1. It’s interesting that you say

    “Did anyone really expect to download a free game, play it for free and get paid to do it? I hope not.”.

    After a recomendation from a friend at uni I started playing an online game called second life. The game is free, and it also has an economy that trades with the US dollar. Anyhow they have all these casinos that you can play slot machines for free but the pay out is very small, so I spent ages just clicking on a bunch of them. Anyhow I got $33.40US in my paypal account after doing that for a while and trading it with Slow way to make money, but I had nothing much to do at the time.

    After that I stopped playing it, because I didn’t think much of the gameplay… I could never see the logic in giving me free money tho’…

  2. A few hours after I wrote this, I got my first hunting HOF (Hall Of Fame) kill at a value of almost 500PED. That’s $50 for clicking my mouse to fire an imaginary weapon at an imaginary animal. Hours later, I located a mineral deposit worth about 130PED, or $10. I’ve put exactly $60 into this game and those two prizes paid it back. With all of the other hunting and mining rewards I have received, I’m already ahead on this game.

    There are plenty of people who come and go without dropping a cent into the PE economy. There are also those who spend their money and never earn it back, for whatever reasons, and their money helps fuel the game. And then there are those who buy beachfront property and stock their homes with furniture and keepsakes. Thousands of USD worth of keepsakes.

  3. I have been playing PE for about a year now and really enjoy it, I think that most of us playing PE have considered this question and compared MA to a casino. I have had a couple of HOF’s which mean I am about even with the amount I have deposited and had back through loot and trading.

    PE is an emersive world and although you really have to pay to play, I feel that this is ok as I only pay when I can afford it (unlike other MMORPG’s that have monthly subscriptions)

    The community is vibrant and I suggest that anyone looking at playing PE should visit
    as these have many guides to help you along and help prevent you from being scammed out of hard earned PEDs(your ingame currency).
    I havent taken any money out of the game yet and dont know if I will or not if I decide to leave the game I can sell of my possesions and take away a contribution to what I put into the game (again unlike other MMORPG’s). It appears (and this is entirely my opinion) that to make any money in PE you have to invest heavily and spend wisely, owning land or trading can be profitable but you have to work hard at it.
    for instance fruit an ingrediant that can be found in PE on the ground for free was being sold for 1pec per frut (100pec =1ped=$0.10) after the latest update fruit prices soared to 10 pec each thats a hell of a profit for people who bought over 3000 fruit.

    I also play second life which I had to pay $10 (one off fee) and enjoy this as an online game yes its possible to make small amounts of money I play only really to muck about in there ( there are no limits to what you can do) there is no clearly defined way to play and this can become tedious, but enough of my opionion back to PE 😉

  4. I started playing PE recently, and like a lot of new players the only reason i heard about the game was the websites and news about the Space Station purchase.

    I admit curiousity got the better of me and I installed the game, ran around a bit and some kind soul created a wormhole for me when i was stuck to get me out (I had no armour or weapon). It was also at this place I met a good friend I have had ingame since.

    At this point (after giving up on the sweating idea) I deposited some money to try the game out, I did this through paynova as I didn’t realise my debit card worked. I deposited $20 whioch I used to buy (stupidly) some tt armour and weapons. The money quickly ran out (within the day, hunting – repairs and ammo) and I decided to leave it a bit and try and find out more about the game before depositing.
    I had a look on entropia forum and got some great tips and decided to try some mining (hunting at same time when something was in my way) and deposited another $20. I went off mining and got what is known as a global (your name goes up on the chat around the virtual world saying you either killed something worth X, found something worth X, made something worth X) of an oil deposit (4400 barrels, 155 ped on the market at the time) and was very happy, this amount went straight back in for more mining equipment and off I went again.
    Nothing more was found, only ever small pockets of resources, so I decided to also try ore mining at same time. This just ate the money up. Soon and before I knew it, I had spent $120 in just under 3 weeks, just for hunting and mining and trying pretty unsuccessfully I might add, some crafting.

    So my opinion of the game?

    1) It’s very very very expensive, in order for you to play the game as it was meant to be played (hunting, mining and crafting) then you need lots of money and not expect anything in return apart from a few hours enjoyment (try online poker, $10 will last you all night)

    2) The marketing hype surrounding this game is unbelievable, it should be investigated who is winning this money and if they really are, I begin to have doubts and this company is not regulated, it should be, it is as far as I can see a gambling game, nothing more.

    3) Don’t think you can make money in this game, I say it’s near on impossible unless you have been playing for years and deposited a LOT of money (everyone getting the big loots are long term players, not seen any “noobs”do it yet)

    4) Regulation? Did I mention this already? Let me do it again, this game needs REGULATED!!!!.

    5) Even if you DO make money, it takes 20 seconds to deposit and 90 BUSINESS DAYS to withdraw!!!! Hmm, why’s that then MA?

    6) My best advice to you? Don’t play it, it’s highly addictive and has every trait of gambling, you try and recoup your losses, the old gambling mentality is strewn throughout this game.

    Thats my thoughts, but good on Mindark, they have a great business, I for one got sucked in!!!

  5. Just read through the thoughts here on this page, very interesting – i was dissapointed when it showed up that it was going to take 17 hours to download, i read through these comments and i dont know if i will anymore.. interesting how gambling gets ahold of you, i played a game motorcity online a few years ago then i found myself wanting to bet on anything outside of the game too!

  6. I’ve been playin PE for a little over a month now.. like most other here i heard about it from the huge $100k sale of land that got wide coverage.

    Started off like everyone in an orange jumpsuit looking like i’d just escaped from a US jail.. sweating animals and getting killed a lot!!! (you don’t loose anything by the way)

    yes this got very boring very quickly so i spoke to a few folks in game and got me some armour and a rifle and went off hunting.. yeah there was no huge returns but as a “noob” hunting lowly animals i didn’t expect to see my name in lights.. anyhow.. stuck with it and slowly started hunting bigger animals gettind a few PED here and there… but still loosing cash.. only this week after 5 weeks hunting and a fair bit of cash did i get my first 2 globals (combined total of 180ped) still no where near making a profit.

    but i guess this is the key point.. i wasn’t playing it to make money.. over the weeks i’d become obsessed with getting my avatar’s level as high as i can.. noticing hits doing more damage and more accurate… then i realised that this game has possibly the best game play for this style of game i’ve ever known..

    people have said above about loosing money through mining and crafting.. both of which are the most skill dependant in the game (from what i’ve gathered) you need the experience to make your first shiney gun, or find that truck load of gold (and a bit of luck). so you should expect (sensibly) to loose in the begining but you will notice as skills build up you make/find more and more till one day, yes after working your ass off and putting in a few PED no doubt, it’s your name scrolling up there.

    also the skills you gain through anythign you do in PE, from sweating to hunting, can also be sold.. this is another asset that’s not been mentioned. Anyone who’s played for any time and has built up a skill set in one area can upload there skills onto a GSI and sell them at auction for what i consider quite tidy profits. so all that ammo you burnt wasn’t a complete waste when your aim skill sells for 500ped.

    if you want to make money online, like a few people have said before, go gamble you could be the next poker millionaire.. if you want a game which will no doubt take hours of your life and as much/little money as you are comfortable with then PE is as good as you will find.

  7. Hi I have played PE for 5 months or more now , and I have to say that I agree completely with technocat especially about regulation……I have put some money in and capped sweat but have found the making money aspect to be unwarranted hype. Make no mistake this is a rich mans game IF you want to see the finer aspects like space etc. I also feel that many gamblers wont speak about there losses so much and on top of the many hof messages this does create the illusion that one can make money in the game. If someone can deposit £10 in PE and after 1 years play, taking into consideration cost for decay etc. come out making a small profit then I salute you but quite frankly I have yet to see anyone make a profit or even break even overall on this game.

  8. Ive Read everyones comments, and all have great points… but here’s my opinion:

    I started playing PE about 3 weeks ago…. and loving it. I understand how it can get addicting and you just want to get the better items,weapons,gear when you look at the more experienced players running around with there 1,000USD guns. I recently talked to a person in PE when he got my attention coming in through the teleport with his BIG gun upgraded to the max with lasers and the whole package of armor and clothes. I asked him how much that gun he has is worth… I was amazed. His Gun was worth yet alone (1,700PED=$170USD) Thats just for the gun, and I didnt even want to ask him about all his Gear and everything else he had. I was jelous at the time but also couldnt believe how much people like him can spend in a imaginary, virtual world. He told me he spends Thousand a month. Thats something I will never do. But back to my experience…

    When I started playing, just like everyone else I was a noob. After getting pretty good at sweat gathering, I got kind of bored. So I was really anxious to get better gear, weapons, and tools. Right when that happened, I saw on the global a guy advertising, ” Learn the exciting proffession of mining, make money while doing it”. So I ran to him, joined his society and started mining. By the way, he is a crafter (learning) but really good, he has his skills up and sells his products. He sold me some mining equipment a little better then the Trade Terminal and the same retail price which was considerably cheap. So before buying the tools and gun(from auction) I deposited $10USD Using my Debit Card through there login screen, which was instant. I immediatly went on in the game and spent all of my money right away on the tools, a good weapon, ammo, and armor. I was left with a few peds. After mining that night, I was excited and loved mining. I got a good amount of claims and was happy for the night.

    Throughout the next couple days, with the claims that I mined and sold through trades, I have made all my $10USD back and on top of that I recently HIT one of my biggest claims yet, worth 170PED($17USD). I found 15,000 of OIL. And Sold it back at the city Instantly… Its amazing how the economy works in this game. Ever since my deposit, i have not lost a cent and actually making a few bucks here and there. This game actually takes some brain and skills to play. In the beggining yeah its hard and frustrating but after a while if you dont blow all your money on the Trade Terminal Items like the other person posted above… Thats not a really smart thing to do. You have to take your time and be patient with this game. But overall once your skills improve in your profession, its best to stay at what your doing, its hard to gain skill in all professions. Just stick to one, go at a steady pace. Dont deposit a whole bunch of money and spend it as fast as you can. Take your time and do research on it. I have found many websites where i learned most of my knowledge to this game. And Im still mining at my 4th week, and yes i do get good luck and bad luck but it always evens out or even gain…

    I hope my post was understanding, and helpful. Please feel free to comment on my opinion…

    PE Avatar Name: Sergey “KFX” Karpov

  9. I think Project Entropia represents an interesting form of online gambling. You have to remember that it is online gambling and satisfies criteria for this…

    – Enjoyment is gained through use
    – Majority of participants lose in the long term so that MindArk (The House) makes money
    – Minority of players are successful which attracts other participants

    If you are considering playing Project Entropia, please remember:

    The House Always Wins

  10. Oh yea, by the way… After writing the post above, I went on to play Project Entropia, after playing for several hours I hit my first global. I hit a mining claim of Blausarium Stone worth 900PED=($90.00USD). I was in shock. All my society friends congratulated me, and i spent the next 3 hours extracting the stone from the ground. And remember, I only started playing Project Entropia 3 Weeks ago, and only deposited $10USD, now Im playing with 900PED, but am gonna spend it wisely. Anyways, I enjoy this game and recommened to people who dont just want to go through the game as fast as they can and spend bunch of money, cause then you will have negative feeling towards the game. Its not like other games where the point is to complete all the missions and beat the game. This is a whole other world, where u need to make a living. And if so, make money, or do anything you want to do in that world…

    PE Avatar Name: Sergey “KFX” Karpov – Look for me running around with my new gun and Armor… hehe 🙂

  11. i played this game for 4 weeks.

    when i started i kept getting sweet till i had about 10 PED (10usd) and i bought some minin gear. First attempt to find ore was in the middle of the city, i heard alot of people say i was very stupid. I turned of the computer for the rest of the day. 😦

    Next day i tried to mine on some places and found oil worth 50 PED. I was very happy and invested everything in new mines. My society leader was proud and gave me some cool clothes. “now i am not a complete n00b anymore” i thoud and i bragged about my 50 PED to the new people.

    I kept mining but after getting only small amounts of money i decided to sell my expensive clothes for 30 PED. I bought new mines for this because i was allmost out of money. I hardly found anything, so i solled all my mining gear i didnt really needed to get some minerals.

    Now 2 weeks later i have waisted all my money with mining, dont got any gear left and im walking in my orange suit again. back to sweeting for me:(

  12. I just started playing PE yesterday while home sick from work. I was severely tempted to take another sick day just to keep playing but my wife gave me that look about 1am and I finally went to bed. Initially, this game is a massive time-suck that will keep you entertained for hours gathering sweat and hauling ass back to the turrets to keep yourself from getting killed. My payout for the first day – 4.14 PED gathering sweat. I have to wonder (since I haven’t seen it mentioned) if “gathering sweat” is the PE equivalent to a “sweat shop” since they both pay about the same. Still, it’s a novel approach to entry-level character development.

    My plan is to not spend any real funds on the game for at least one week, and then I’ll limit myself to $10 a week for a month (the cost of a decent game which I finish in a month or so anyway). After that month I’ll decide if I want to keep playing or if it’s time to get WoW. Is it a ripoff? Maybe. We’ll find out.

    I did see Sergey ‘KFX’ Karpov playing online last night, so it’s good to see that he’s still posting opinions and still playing the game. The new armor is very nice hehe…. If anyone sees a n00b chick named Ramsheegan running around like a fool, stop by and say hi to me.

  13. Meh, I downloaded it and i’m still trying to find out why i cant get past the screen that says something about body regeneration… but from what i’ve heard, if you have money to burn, play this game, you’ll get more money if you use it right.

  14. I have been playing PE for over a month now and have invested around $60.00. I figure I spend that in a month on junk so what’s the big deal. And I have also noticed that as my skills as a hunter improve I am investing less and less so I hope to be self-sufficiant in the next month. I am defiantly going to stick with hunting for a while I can’t imagine mining or crafting to boring for me;-)

  15. Hmmm…. I think I hate blogging, anyway…


    Which one do you need and wich one do you have? Also, usually some items increase in value in time, and this is because the expansion of the economy, so if you keep your shorts on, in one year’s time some other guy will have a harder time than you to become like you.

    Nobody noticed the skill part, they give bonuses in different activities and sometimes, by combining 2 activities from trading, hunting, mining, crafting, can be profitable. Or if you like auctions and such, you can look all day long at lists of bids and use the general rule: buy cheap, sell at a higher price. So, again, Time = Money.

    Have fun!

  16. this game is pretty alright i started this game with nothing sold some sweat its about using your brain and get a calculator buy anything thats cheapp and sell for more skills are the best way to make money for me thats how i started making money from skills stuff now that are cheap maybe couple months later will be rare depends bout luck and brians

  17. Well… i have been playing project entropia since may 2005, i found out about it from a friend, me being a teenager and just so close to owning a credit card and doing what i wanted, played the game and deposited on my birthday later that month. Since then the game has massively changed, blueprint systems changed, Port atlantis (the largest noob city in the game) changed My feelings for the game changed, my feelings for the people in the game changed, and the people in the game changed. As of august I left on a vacation and came back with 6 days until I had to go back to “learning” I started to play project entropia and blew 60 US$ that I had slowly deposited and earned over the past whole year. A girl offered to marry me in the game if she could barrow 600 ped and give it back later that night. I gave it to her, she logged on once since then and i didnt talk to her, i didn’t notice she was on until she logged off, my only chance at getting my cash back/ gone! Well after that I got kicked from a society, which must have had over 500 people go through it because everyone would say “Vash the (insert society here) hates you because you (insert any “criminal” action that i didn’t do)

    After that i started my own new Society. It was made to uphold the justice… a hell of a commitment, every other hour i was messaged by some newcomer that a city had a sniper in it scoping people out, and that he had the longest ranged rifle in the game so you would need an identicle gun to kill him.

    More money, every time a sniper would become a terrorist, i would set off a seismic bomb (used for mining in the game but distracts snipers with the shaking) then i cost other people their money, after one of these “attacks” I took off to the largest newcomer city and heard people hiring a work force to maintain a theme park. this “theme park” was really a whole bunch of probes that had been prepared to launch to the ground and had been canceled, because of this they were unmovable by anyone but the person who put them at their spots on the ground.

    The owner of this “theme park” scamed many noobs and he had an employee gambling after hours, doing a give me fifty ped for a chance to win 500… I told this guy it was to much and did a (insert crime here) thing.

    The old society came back on me hard, they told me i should duel this scammer with my best pistol. I did, he had his men blocking off the exit to the “ring” where we dueled. He shot at me and i ran, this continued for 41 minutes and he then used up tens of US$ in ammunition. To make matters worse he made his buddies some on in and stand on ends of the ring and when i would run by they would shoot, i would lay down and the buddy facing the opposite way would be shot dead, there were 5 friendly fires in this, the gun used over 2 pennies US$ every shot and after a few thousand shots he gave in.

    The next morning i gave him a stern talking to. he claimed he had won the duel.

    I bought some iron bars today and didn’t check out the price carefully, instead of 5 bars for 10 ped it was 5 bars for 1000 ped. I just about gave up.

    The best thing that ever happened to me in the game was Jack, the newest addition, a pet, He was captured by one of my friends and he is a young male snablesnot. (ostritch with no head and a bald body and two elephant trunks emerging above the legs.

    Jack can sniff out hundreds of ped in minerals loot, (still in the animal) and food~he likes food.

  18. hi all !
    in my opinion pe is a realy nice game ,a captivating one ,belive i play almoust 10 hours per day if i have the time .the only problem is money can be a trader if your in game for money or you can be a hunter ,miner,crafter ..but all of this will spend all your money (exept trading ) ..i cant do trade all the day i will miss all the fun the game can provide …so the best ideea is to make trade and a part of your profit spend on hunting mining etc …. HAVE NICE FUN WHIT THIS GAME PPL (escuse my eng im not that good at ):P

  19. I have been playing PE know for two months. Yes, I have made deposit(s) and yes I have spent some time on this game. I think like anything else in Life, play this game in moderation and have realistic expectations. Expect the following if you play PE on a regular/semi-regular basis or more.
    1. You will spend PED. You will make PED. Understand that you are playing a game that has the ability to pay some lucky individuals much more than they put in but most people deposit US dollars and use as much as they want to complete in the game. Doesn’t cost you very much if you only sweat and it’s free right? On the other side costs you 1,000’s and 1,000’s if you get a home, nice armor and weapons and tools. All depends on how much you enjoy the game. I just hit a 2120 Atrox Old Hale of Famer two days ago and things are looking good.

    2. Play the game as you would to have fun and do not play for PED. This is the wrong way to play and you will eventually feel bad as you ahve been ” losing lately. Expect that if you break even or make a little at a time then life is good. I was getting a little upset as I deposited about $125.00 in this two month period, I have about $100 in armor now and weapons ( good buys plus about 9 globals ).

    3. Important as mentioned above are the skills and that they help in every way. The more skills you ahve in anything, crafting = more success = more ped return on material investment. Mining = same as above = more return on investment. Hunting = can kills more guys and harder guys easier = well here it can be hit or miss really with the decay on higher end weapons being so great. In the end, you can extract your skills to a chip and sell them. Take this into account as many people that play this game and quit, just let their skills get deleted along with their accounts and *poof* there goes their hard-earned ped back to MindArk. Not MindArk’s fault, just someone who didn’t take the time to understand

    In summation; I play quite a bit, I love the game and I understand that it costs me only as much as I want to spend. Play for fun, join a good society that helps with tips and each other for materials and other items. You will find the game-play and hunting with your fellow memebers that much more enjoyable.

    Feel free to message me under the society terminal in ” DARK FORCE RISING ” add me as a friend and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, accepting in-game disciples if anyone is in need. I can usually be found hanging out at Twin Peaks

    Happy playing and Hale-of-Famers to you all!

    Stones Abracax Gonderlin
    Leader Advisor
    Dark Force Rising

  20. I’ve been playing PE for sevaral days now, and decided to deposit some money for the first time – beause sweating all day long is getting boring. Anyway I think that my sweating-phase was not wasted time, because I was able to buy some cheap weapons, armor and mining equipment from my hard-earned sweat end experiment a little bit iwth hunting and mining *before* I decided to invest real money. Now I have gained some basic skills, made up my opinion about the game and willing to invest. I figured out that in PE you really pay for entertainment – in other words: the more fun you have (running around and killing monsters) the more you’ll have to invest – otherwise if you spend a lot of time doing rather boring things like trading or sweating you really can gain com PEDs. Mining and crafting seems to lie between these borders and therefore should turn out mith a mor or less break-even.

    In a reply to Vash: Are you sure that you have ever played that game? You are talking about Snipers, and you needing to have loger-ranged rifles and so on – excuse me, but there are just 3 Player-against-Player zones on the main continent therefore you cannot be killed by a sniper or any other player outside of them. And I also want to state here that from my point of view the community is *very* friendly and that a lot of people are willing to help and assist noobs – i found an ingame friend running around and sharing his loot with me in a 50:50-team even though i didnt even have a gun and therefor dindt bring in any loot into that team. Finally i really recommend any newbie to really read the forums und tutoials. If you do this nothing can surprise you and you exactly know waht to expect from the game (btw: If I promised to marry you in real life – would you give me your credit card without even knowing my name? – dont blame others for your stupidity)

    To sum it up: Read the forums and tutorials, decide if you want to have fun or if you want to make some Cents in working hard for hours and enjoy being satisfied.

    Happy playing to all of ya!


  21. Hi for all wishing to check out this game and specifically the new resort that was bought for $100,000 then got to

    and download PE there that way you will spawn at the space station and not on Calypso the mainland.

    As many will tell you it cost 20ped for a trip there if you are on calypso so spawning straight there is much easier allthough not fully noob friendly yet as few traders exist up there, but check it out you never know ;~) you might like it

    I look forward to seeing some of you up there RottenICE

  22. hey all. i played PE a year ago for around 3 months, i shared an account with a friend coz he was the only one with a comp good enuf at the time, we both put in around $450 each and we had an awesome time, we bought some wicked guns etc, did lots of mining and it was great, after the long summer holiday we sat down and thought wait a sec.. this is costing us a hell of a lot of money – coz we started with 20$ each, then 40$ then 80$ each etc until we had put around 450$ each in.. we realised that this was going to be rather expensive so we sold everything and cashed out. we both lost around £80 each so thats like 140$ at the time and was a bit annoyed, but the game is SOOOO addictive. i SOOO nearly joined again yesterday, coz i thought u cld still get some land if u paid like $1000 for it, but i found out that was more of a 2.5 years ago thing, the cheapest i could find now was $20000!! 😦 and that was a quite a small plot of land too! so probs wouldnt generate much hunting revenue! the only people who will make real money out of the game are the people who own the big places – treasure island/space station. the rest of us are just the people who feed the richer people. they dont even have to do anything and they make a profit from taxes, so they are the only real winners.

    this game is just a pyramid scheme really, early people pay a small amount in and get HUGE revenue, the newer people put in small amount and lose it all, the only way to get the money would be to stick like $500,000 in, but then the taxes from the game back wouldnt cover it, so theres no winning expect for jon jacobs eh? 🙂

  23. Ok, it;s now January and I’m still playing this bloody game and still depositing!!! (hooked big time!)

    Still yet to make a global or HOF since the first one, spent over $350 since mid november and still making big losses (I have about $50 worth of items in my inventory). Skills have gone up a lot, no doubt I’ll still keep playing.

    Hint to people wanting to minimise losses, think very very carefully about how you play this game, come up with a strategy otherwise it’s a bottomless pit, you need a good strategy to last without depositing megabucks, personally I’m a sucker and can’t be bothered and would rather just keep blowing my cash on mining and hunting 🙂

    As for Neverdie Space Station, it’s not bad, decent mining (ample and above) some nice mobs to hunt even for my skill levels, but it’s too damn expensive if you don’t hit anything!!! you got to pay to get there and back :p

  24. Hmmm, buyer beware. It’s not really a game and is targeted at entry level users. Keep in mind that more experienced players want you to play and deposit so they can have a chance of recouping their losses. Anytime a game (with it’s massive overheads) says it’s free, but oh yeah, you can deposit, you should probably start checking for the exit doors. Not only is the developer wanting your money, so are the landowners and more experienced players.

  25. I’m in PE for the long haul. I started playing in August 2004 (17 months now), am a tankin’ hunter, and armour crafter. I also collect full suits of armour.

    As in most of these messages, caution is a virtue when playing PE, but I can relate the amounts of money I’d waste in RL on entertainment, on my game time in PE. Same difference.

    I had dozens of Hall of Fame mentions to date, but struck it lucky on a team hunt recently our beloved soc leader and I had looted 2500 PEDs from Atrox Mature (hint: It’s a good day to hunt Atrox, ask anyone!). For some players, 2.5K is not much, to me, it’s a nice reward.

    Socially, PE has been more rewarding to me than any of the other virtual worlds or MMORPGs I have tried. The PE community hails from all over the world, with players from each continent, even mine, Africa.

    About spending money in PE, I used to have trouble gauging the market price for items in game, and had originally made two or three silly mistakes when purchasing necessary tools. This lack of street-sense, led in the development of new tools (by myself and others) for the PE community. Several websites now provide trusted ‘indicators’ to guide players in what other players are routinely paying for items and resources on auction. This now is busy transforming my my website to become a Consumer Price Index for PE.

    In fact, the market has been maturing so quickly, that several instances of morally negative influence has occurred in the last few months for some game items (the game has over 3000 game items and resource types). But, as quickly as manipulations appear, so quickly does the community detect and rebel against manipulation. This is certainly an exciting time for MMORPG economies.

    PE is a fun game, it is not intended for kids (the EULA stresses that quite heavily), and involves real money. But be careful, with real money, comes real crime. Players get scammed, sometimes even by people they thought they knew. Almost every member of my society (and our members are long term players) have been affected by a scam at one time or another. However, just dust off your lapel, and get back into the race. Be vigilant, but have fun!

    The Calypso economy is feeling bullish!

  26. I’ve been playing for a while now, probably about 7 months, I have never deposited money into this game and the value of my “Avatar” has risen too about $200 USD. The game is fun but must be taken for what it is, a game, and a game where you can and people do lose thier money very quickly.

    If you intend to make real money from this game I would reccomend just taking the $50 to a casino instead. If you are looking for a fun game to play then this is the one.

    I heard somewhere once, Nothing in this life is free.

  27. Hello, I am currently downloading PE, and I must say, it looks like a fun weather or not you make money at it, looks like it has a large world map, good graphics, and all the fundimentals of a good MMORPG, and i must say to you all that try to “put down” the ways of playing a game for long periods of time. . . . I have been playing Rune Scape, a low quality MMORPG for about. . . two and a half years, now thats a long time, and durring that time, i have spent about 70 bucks on just the members accoutn status, 5 bucks a month to play on a server that gives you more control over the game. And now i find a free game, and read about it, reserch it, and so far, all i have found is a bunch of baby’s that are all sad because they didnt make money playing, and its annoying, its a game people! a GAME and at that its a MMORPG which for the most part means, “huge waste of your life, because all mmorpgs are addictive” which they realy are. . . I guess all i am trying to say is, if you dont like playing a game, because its a game, dont complain about how you didnt make money. . . . .


  28. Congratulations to all you ppl reading all of this blog (I am to congratulate myself as well:).
    I really liked the Vash story about snipers and that thing about getting-married-scam….:) Don’t know but I have a mental picture of Vash looking something like this:
    The addiction for me comes when I start thinking of various strategies, like where to hunt & mine, what to buy at the exchange, etc.
    I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now with $40 in and being left with about half of it worth of virtual stuff. It’s about right that it costs me a $1 an hour. But I still hope that with XP points comes bigger rewards, getting global and HF and getting dressed smday like those super-uber nursing chicks that look so delicious (on some occasions those have been healing me while I was trying to get some atrax or so down).
    I know, $1 even per hour is quite much, but hey yesterday i looted a generic implant with tt value of 0, which is why i still haven’t been global, but now i am selling it for over 70 ped.
    Hurray for sexy virtual nurses!
    P.S. By the way there’s been this urban legend story that WoW programmers got a ferrari or something as a bonus. Don’t know if it’s true but I for one would like to get employed by MindArk. You rich (smart) bastards!

  29. hi everyone, ive been playing project entropia for about 1 week only, and im really enjoying it. in my opinion, people who are not happy with this game are the people who are only attract by earning money in game. Those who tried it with this way of thinking are totally wrong… if you want to earn money, get a job, dont play a game because as the name say it, its just a game… Ive deposited 20usd and my aim is not to make it fructuate but just not to lose too quickly so that i may be able to enjoy it for a long time… the aim is just to find a good balance between activities that costs money and activities that dont… I’ve not earned any money but i didnt lost any either.. and i’ll go on playing it just because it is fun..

  30. I think project entropia is fairly good game,although just starting there th controls are to confusing but after you get used to it the game is not all that bad.although most of the responses to to this game may complain about how long the sweating takes if you join an society which is fairly easy to do because soc leaders always want to boost there rank in all socs by having more ppl in their soc.society leaders will even go as far as to give u items to get you to join.if u can’t join a soc then ask aroundd the towns you find if you can become a student,and pretty soon some one will come up to and ask you to become their student.Then wa’ll you sweat you can talk to ur mentor.eventually you hopefully will get a HOF hall of fame in hunting,mining… you can also ask ppl to be ur friend in the game and when you go to ur friends list it will have a list of ppl you can im.i still haven’t traveled the entire world of pe because i’ve only been playing about half a year but even if i do exploring pe mind ark will always have updates with new creatures items and music.

  31. I downloaded the game and started. i was asked to board the spaceship. but don’t know why it is hanging. i have less config.512 mb ram(showing only 509) and no graphics card(but that should bother only graphics and not the game speed.)256 kbps net. are these things sufficient?

  32. I just created an account on PE, and have been reading while I wait for the DL to finish. I read about heaps of people losing money, mostly from their own mistakes. Well I plan to NEVER deposite any money into the game, only collect. I can play for a fair while, and I will sweat for ages, and if it gets boring then i can just stop playing. Done, no money lost, probably money gained, and hours of fun had in the mean time. I normally put in a few hours every couple of nights on CS:S, but I think I will enjoy the game, just because I have the possibility of making money for nothing, while having fun.

  33. I have read all you say about PE. I have played for almost 4 weeks now without deposit anything. I have been hunting in teams with people with better skills than me. (Skills is how good you are at something, the better skill the better payback) On this hunts I have earned a lot of PEDs and for that I have bought myself better equipment so now when I hunt I’m allways on the plus side. One thing i find is that when people get better they often start to hunt bigger animals. I only hunt big ones together with others, when I am with my self I go for easier animals. In that way I always earn in the end. It looks like it works so that the lesser hits required for the kill of an animal the better payback(loot) you get. With better skill or equipment you make more damage. It’s lika an automatic Dungeon&Dragons game. Everytime you try to do anything there is an advanced formula that calculates the posibilites for you. Better strength, better weapon, better skill etc = higher chance to get something back from the game. In the beginning when aquiring Sweat from animals (one way to make money for free) I only got like 2-3 now, with a skill up to 95/200 I almost everytime gets like 20-25. So in the beginning to make one PED I had to get Sweat like 50-100 times to earn 1 PED, now it’s only 5-10 times since some attempts fail or the animal is “dry”.
    My opinion is that you can earn without a deposit.

  34. What i don’t like about PE is the way looting system is. Basically, so called ‘ubers’ that get hofs/globals all the time gets paid by OUR money and the frustrating part of it is most of the time people hunting and mining gets no return at all so that it could generate enough losses of OURS to fund the big HOF/ATH(All Time High) that is coming. Of course ‘ubers’ they should get that sort of money because of the amount of money and time they have spent in the game but still.. they are getting rewarded by MindArk with our money while we are spending a hard time trying to get some. Thats how the looting system works i guess. Ofcourse you can earn without depositing, but its a long journey sweating and most people would either quit or deposit some money.
    Anyhow, whoever wants to teamhunt with me contact me at =D

    P.S My account was made dec 2003 and ive been playing on and off but ive never gotten any loot(weapon,armors etc) that is worth money other than peds from globals/hofs =). Team hunting is much better imho since you spend lesser ammo and get higher chance of getting HoF . Got 7 globals in a day once while team hunting =). Mining was good for me since ive got a few significant finds (200ped+) but i’ve also risked quite alot of money to mine in CNDspacestation(Club NeverDie) since you seldom get claims and some mining runs, you get none( This is due to claims being bigger in space).

  35. I stumbled on PE. No idea that BIG deals with real money were made, never heard about any of that sort of thing. But I have played a lot of MMORPG and was intrigued by the whole free/free thing. After all how good could it really be?? So with a high speed internet I spent a very long hour and half getting the game. Started it up, struggled through the character creation screen, which didnt seem all that friendly, and began the experience.

    I entered the game in the orange on orange newbie suit – so now what?? No directions, no glowing paths. Just a blurb about sweating animals. Just what the heck was that all about anyway. So I sweated and died for a couple hours. OK I died a lot more than I sweated. I have sweat and now what?? I did what ALL gamers do. Search the internet to find out what was written on the game. And I read and read. Back in try some more.

    I’ve spent a week in the game. It is just like any other MMORPG. You start at the bottom, you spend a lot of time getting your skills up, so you can start working on getting more skills up.. Is sweating boring? Oh my it is terrible. That is if you dont spend the time talking to others who are there doing the same thing. You meet a lot of nice people – from all over the world. It helps pass the time and you make new friends. And those who have been in the game longer know more. Talk with them. EVERYONE worth a PEC will be glad to answer a simple question or two.

    So after one week where am I at in the game? A newb. I got a weapon, a rifle, and some ammo. I bought a used piece of armor so I could stay alive longer. And I went hunting. I got a little bit of change here and there. And I also got some loot, as a result my set of armor is almost complete now. I have gone through thousands of rounds of ammo. And yea, I still sweat. My hunting skills are still terrible. So I sweat enough to buy more ammo and hunt some more. But, I am having a load of fun. The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is wonderful and the people are friendly.

    If you have never played a MMORPG before, you are going to have trouble. And you are not going to get rich. ANY of the MMORPG you can spend a fortune on quickly. There are sites that will sell you all the game money you want for US dollars for any of the games out there like this. And you can in turn sell these sites what you get in these games. The difference with this game is that MA has set the price for the game dollar to real dollar and not someone else. If you want to make money in the game, you are going to have to WORK for it. Yea, there are a few lucky stiffs who get the HOF and some big hits. But the average person works very hard and a lot of hours to get what they have.

    I am going to try the game for 30 days. If I continue to like it I may, or may not, deposit the price of a game in my account. And if I deposit $15 bucks a month it is no different than any other game I have played like this. I play for fun. I play for the challenge.

    And to Vash.. what game were you playing?? After one week I know for certain it wasnt PE. And if you want me to believe you, as a newb, took on a very experienced PvP sniper – well you make me smile. Even if you had the hundreds of US dollars to buy the equipment – you didnt have the skills to use them. You just didnt have the time to build them up that far. And as for a duel in an arena and running.. and dodging laser fire … for 40 minutes — it’s the wrong planet Neo.

    To those who play for fun and to make new friends I hope to see you in game sometime. You’ll find me sweating the beasts on the wing of the spaceship just outside CP – at least for some time yet.

  36. its just a big poker game man .
    and they let kids as young as 13 play the game sounds illegal to me .

  37. Easy:
    1. great game, amazing graphics, options, never ending row of creatures, weapons, guns and the lotery element that u MIGHT get lucky
    2. Games are made by people who get payed. So in the long run players pay those fees. Cant put it more simple
    3. u decide how much u deposit and how u use it, ne adult and set limits and targets, dont whine liek a child loosing his marbles
    4. wanna make money? : get a job, have a kick ass time? try PE

    greetz CBB

  38. I have been playing PE for approximatly 4 months and really really do enjoy the game play from the day you enter and choose your body to arriving in an orange suit.

    Why do I enjoy it because for £35 a month I own my own place have nice furnature can kill mini dino’s with relative ease can hit a few globals up at cnd on the mining front and can even make some scopes and lazers.

    yes to get globals in crafting will cost you a fortune but then look how much you pay for sky tv / mobile phone contracts. I have just ditched my mobile contraft and gone pay as you go ! why there are no decent new phones out and I can have an appartment for £30 or £70 @ cnd .

    I would say that I have depositied £50 a month , have relative good armour and wepons but now have skills over 1000 in everyhting that i do ( EXCEPT CRAFTING ). It is highly addictive and a great way to meat people around the globe 😉

    I make my self laugh everymonth when i see a que of people in a software shopping buying a plastation game for £50 – now i thinkn owning a qosmio laptop and playing pe is the best , what other game do i need ;).

    there are loads of people that will help you out and give you armour , if i get armour worth 2ped i give it away as i belive the trade for free gives me good luck – last time i did it i hit a 120 ped global.

    Sally – Sally Sal Bridges in game 😉

  39. Wow this is a really long thread of comments 🙂 almost a forum in its own right well I am just going to add a link to a blog that I started to put Entropia pictures on most so far are of the space resort, but many more should follow so for some screen shot action of entropia and some of the things available take a look 🙂

  40. I wanted to chime here on the topic.

    I played PE practically non-stop during any free time I had from December 2004 until December 2005, I really enjoyed my time in PE but agree with some others that it has a very “Casino”-like feel to it..and as such I decided to leave the game recently after taking a 5 months break.

    It IS a good game, and has some huge potential – but mostly for Mindark. They will make money on this product the more the market it and introduce new things. The addition of RL designers and artists selling stuff in-game is a really great move on MA’s part and the artists of course. They will make some really nice cash there for forging a relationship with MA that resulted in the construction of a whole new city just for this venture. Sadly it’s not something the common player can hope to obtain, so the rich will well…get richer. 🙂

    In any case I sold out my entire avatar and turned assuming I can find a buyer for my PEDs (6486 peds to be exact) I’ll turn a profit over my investments into the game over the year I played…in fact I’ll double my money.

    *IF* anyone wants to actually BUY y Project Entropia Dollars (6486 of them) via Paypal please feel free to contact me at and we can discuss arrangements.

    Take care.

  41. I thought PE exchanged PEDs into real$$ with a withdrawl – why would you need a buyer?

  42. Of course you can sell in game for tt+ and transfer the ped to usd to your cc but it takes time, more easy is to sell your whole avatar with al teh skills in it and al the belonging stuff.
    Great game, im palying for 4 weeks now and now ive to deposit no more (total 70 usd deposit)

  43. I have now played PE for 3 month and I’m still on plus side. i think this is cause of me changing route severall times in the game. The ones who just do the sama day after day will probaly end up spending a lot. One thing that I didn’t like in the beginning of my game play was that there where almost no help files. I had to search the net and ask people for almost everything I would like to do. It took me ages to discover basic things like buying the right type of ammo to my gun. To prevent this for others I have made a lot of helpfiles that will help others in the same situation as me self. Other good resourses ar the entropia forum, peacution etc.
    I agree with the casino feeling but I think most of the players will keep on an average level of income from the loot pool. I have deposit $60 to the game. The last 4 time I’ve been living from a HOF I made and I still haven’t used more than 25% of it, so if I play my cards wice I will have many gaming hours for my $60 and hopefully get a new HOF before my PEDs run out.

  44. The word “dynamic” is just a play on words in EU.
    The big payouts are you staff’s freinds around the world.
    The only time big payouta happen is if a tv crew are around or something.
    Then it’s given to whomever they thing would benfit the game. NOT a fair system with any randomness.
    You can be set to fail or set to win. In other words you dont have a chance unless you bend over and suck up to mindark staff,, or are sweedish. Note sweedish players get 98% of all big payouts !!
    The most dishonest “virtuall Universe” and the biggest scamm ever.
    You will note that the ATH or big payouts concurred just before land was released. Therefore giving a paemenent payout to whoever”THEY” chose.
    You can loose $35 usd per hour on some mobs. Thats pure loss!!!
    Only for them to give away that money to a “mate”
    Untill outside authorities make this system “fair” and lock up the scamers that run it. Dont paly dont put $ in as they will take it alland give it to a buddy !!!
    Entropia Universe is not a fair system and will always be run on a mates get best loot.
    Do not try and becombe uber as it will cost minimum of $50K usd.. just to start! then you dont actually have a chance unless they decide to give you some. and lets face it you weould have a sore ass after being so nice to em 😛
    In closing… I do hope that mindark get locked up for the improper way in wich they run the game .
    Also dont forget around $ 1000 usd is stolen from players every day in EU and mindark dont do anything about it.
    Words from a top ten player in EU and is all FACT

  45. mrhonest with all respect, i think somebody smashed you on the head with a hammer

  46. Ok, lots of messages about this game being gambling, and being like poker, and costing lots of money and things like that, just to do anything.

    all I can say is

    You are playing in a game that is emulating real life. you are playing in a virtual universe as a virtual character.

    Now you all complain it costs to do thigns, you complain that you spend $1 an hour
    You have achoice here, you don;t have to pay anything, you can do thigns slow and hard and win. I don;t intend to put anything in, but if i do have to it will be £25 same as a game with no subscription fees would cost me at a local store.

    Now after you have moaned about hving to pay to do exciting things in the game or to earn money in the game look at real life, because afterall thats what this game is trying to emulate in a virtual universe.

    1. Your born, costs you nothing (you install the game costs nothign)
    2. You grow up , costs your parents lots of money putting you through school, feeding you (the game costs you a bit of time, learning new skills, but not really money, you sweat, you buy a gun, then you increase skills in hunting)
    3. You graduate from uni £16,000 in debt, and still need to live somewhere and get a job. A job can only be got by sending out CV’s thats 30p on average per CV sent out, for the paper, the envelope the stamp, or the cost of using a computer to apply electronically.
    After applying for loads of jobs you get one and it pays you £18k a year. But you don;t really make £18k a year, you loose 22% on tax, you loose loads on NI, thats £4k you loose from the PRIVILIDGE of having a Job
    Then you have even more expenses of work, transport, you have to pay to get to and from work, whether thats in your own car £100 a month, or on a bus £50 a month, thats still another £500 – £1000 a year you spend just so you can earn £18000 gross
    Then you have clothes you have to wear, and because you wear them for work they have to be cleaned and washed and possibly smart clothes bought JUST FOR WORK, all of that COSTS MONEY

    That is exactly what this game does, to learn skill syou have to use equipment, then from equipment degrades over time, which you then have to invest more in, in otherwords, earning money costs money
    and you call that GAMBLING? if it is gambling then so is what you do everyday
    Because think about everything you do everyday and you pay for it, but you have to pay for it in order to be able to work.

    THats life, and thats what Entropia is all about a VIRTUAL REAL LIFE

    so don;t sit there and complain when it is actually SO LIKE real life!!!

    Its not gambling, its just how this world really works.

    The game BOASTS a REAL ECONOMY, you can;t have a real economy if the factors that make a real economy are not there, i.e. money has to circulate. MindArk aren;t just going to give you money to play their game!!!!!

    as they say if everyone in a country was to clsoe their bank accounts and have that money as cash, that country would go bankrupt, as there is no country with enough money to pay what everyone has saved in that country it only works because of the cirulation of money, people buy things which pay other peopels wages which allow them to buy thigns whihc pay other peoples wages that allow them to buy things that pay your wages that allow you to buy things!!!!

  47. Great analisis form big T, i agree with it. And sure, Swedish people are often in HOF but it are most very experienced players with high skills playing since 3 years and more.
    Its difficult to get a HOF on sweating or hunting an exosaur, you have to lay down an atrax gueardian or so for it.

  48. I have played pe for 3 years and have become very good in the game. It is a very expensive game and is a casino. You can make money in it by either getting lucky or by trading. Pretty much playing pe is like taking a gamble, most of the time you’ll lose money. If you want something cheap, go to wow. I don’t think pe is a scam because I’ve deposited and withdrawn money and have broke out even after this many years of gameplay. Just my two cents.

  49. Hello.

    I’ve been playing PE (with some breaks) for 11 months now. The funny thing is before understanding a bit about the game I spent ~2k$. A sellout with some occasion (personal issues, i won’t detail) shown me 600$, i.e. loss of 1.4k$. Since I came back, in march, I spent 250$ and I am over those.

    The main difficulty in PE is there are plenty of smart-arses on this nice internet who would asume alot and something on top of it without any basis. Was curious how PE is reflected and did some google. This is one of the few places where I found decent points of view (except Vash who is apparenlty having fantasies and “Mr. Honest” who sux sox). Being a game based on economy and efficiency, any wrong step will be hard amended. Won’t appear some divinity to pwn ya, but you’ll feel it on the card.

    Very few ppl who join us have the patience and will to try to understand what concepts like dmg/pec means. And when somebody wants “something funny”, well, a simulation of economy can’t be very funny if wants to be succesful.

    Of course, there are some shady points about the game and producer, like need for regulating or juridical issues. Still PE remains a pioneer idea. If MindArk will have the intelligence to change the state of pioneership (which means rudimentary by definition) to a state of excellence, good for them. If not, good for coming competition.

    Regards and salutes to my friend Trakkur.

  50. ! A big apology to the guy who offered me 2.2Ped for my measly 162 bottles of sweat the other day.. Being a new bee i thought that the going rate of 1.2Ped was for each bottle..!!!… Ah another lesson learned..
    What can i say, Im 34, and this is as addictive as ‘Elite’ (to all you ex-bbc owners circa 1982 out there..!) My girlfriend is laughing at me and me becoming engrossed in this alien world..
    Its so bad this addiction that i am now looking for a gaming pc, so i dont have to play at her place all the time..! – Gulp – I am 10 again..
    Seriously, no doubt at all that this game is an experience equivalent to gambling, only thing is the sharks dont have dorsal fins… Its a laugh though, and at the worse you will lose a few quid…
    And finally, are all the girls and laydeeee avatars out there really female??…34dd i think most probably….Not.

  51. All you people who keep saying it is gambling, if you are going to say this game is gambling, so is real life, and you have to accept that LIFE is a gamble, which it is, and then realise the gamble in the game is no more than you take every day.

    You buy a house with a mortgage, YOUR GMABLING, you will have enough money over the following 25-30 years to pay back the mortgage, YOUR Gambling, house prices wont fall leaving you into negative equity. Your gmabling, you will get better jobs and more money, Your gambling, you wont run into a situation where all you money is needed for something else.

    When you get a job, YOUR gambling you will get enough money to live, you GAMBLING the boss can run his company well to ensure you always get paid, YOUR gambling to think you will be there for the rest of your life and continue to get enough money to cover costs

    Everythign in life is a gamble, because thats what CHOICE IS, the pure fact you have choice, means you can do one thing or another, OR BOTH sometimes, but you can never do everything at once whihc makes LIFE A GAMBLE.

    and all this game does is emulate life, its not a casino, its not gambling, I IS A REAL WORLD EMULATION. If your so against gambling start having a look at your real life and the choices you have made?

    The first girl you dated are you still with her? did she hurt you? YOU GAMBLED that a good relationhsip may have developed.
    Have you ever bought something that wasn;t quite what you expected, YOU GAMBLED it would be and lost.
    You cross the road, you look to make sure no car is coming, YOU ARE STILL GAMBLING no crazy person will come tearing round the corner and kill you.
    Your insuance policies, GAMBLING PROTECTION. your protecting against yourself having an accident, loosing something, house falling over.

    Everything in life is a gamble, because you have a choice, and NOTHING in life has NO RISK

  52. i dont think it is a scam as i do not deposit but i do agree i hunted for hours on providers and guardian atrox and not one global or no lot and another time i used 5k ammo on umbranoids (little annoying alien things) and not one single loot

  53. been playing PE for a while now, and i have read all the commentaries this page had….. specially had fun at vash’s post…. i think he was high or something, he offen said uncoherent things too…. first he was a newbie with $60 dolars ingame, then his “wife” stole them, then he was a hero that fighted sniper/terrorists (when u cant PvP unless u are in specific small areas), and then he had a duel that lasted 41 minutes (spending “thousands of dolars”)… either he was high or he’s an 8 year old making up stories.. lol anywayz….
    about BigTs posts, life is not enterly gambling…. if u make smart choises, u get the big bucks, if u make wrong choises u lose everything, the same aplies to PE…. it’s not all about luck, it’s about brains, about knowing an opportunity when u see it, about understanding how things work, aka, buy cheap, sell high….
    i think ppl are attracted to this game with the wrong idea of being able to make tons of money in a game without depositing anything and then being able to withdraw lots of money….. WRONG…. mindark is not stupid, u wont make a game to lose money…. but if ur smart, u can break even and keep playing for no cost, or even get a small profit and improve ur character…. of course u can always deposit small sums and make it as if it was a monthly pay to play MMORPG….
    it’s all about the user, nobody is forcing u to play, and nobody is telling u what to do…. u can come to the game to want to have fun, or u may be wanting to earn money from it, either way, if u make the wrong choises, you will lose….
    but if ur smart and learn and make the right choises, u can keep playing at no cost, or even profit…..

    one last remark, luck is for the fool…. winners are smart, not lucky…..

    good luck for everyone, and if u like MMORPGs, try PE, at least to look at the landscape and meet all the great ppl in it…. the comunity is REALLY friendly…. and u will probably find someone that can tour u around the game as soon as u join…


  54. okay…. i cant show the html instruction that comments stuff, just used it 3 times and it keeps doing it so….
    just be sure to visit the “noobs corner” in the last link that is a forum…. also this other link that got cut off
    if some admin can fix the posts, ur welcome… anywayz, yet for the fourth time…. good luck and cyaz in game…..

  55. After playing entropia for 8 months, the latest VU (version update) has really kiled the game …. allow me to explain. The first thing a player does in Entropia is collect sweat from animals and sell it to other players and indeed is how I started the game. The latest VU has taken the cap off this activity – resulting in nobody buying the players sweat. I have seen new players trying to sell for 3-4 hours, logging off and never returning. Result new players leaving very quickly and the starting town “Port Atlantis” looking like a ghost town.
    Secondly the new VU has made everything — harder— crafting,hunting,mining— resulting in older players leaving daily. The ones who are stll playing have raised their prices on tools, weapons, etc, that are bought by players of lower lvl coming into the game, to keep their costs covered. The result is that prices are becoming untennable – MA hve priced them out the market.
    The other reasons people are leaving (including myself), are the following….

    a) – Over the last 6 months prices for raw materials have increased on average 10%-15%.
    b)- With increased raw material costs and lower crafting success rates, this has resulted in items within the game increasing to incredulous prices.
    c)- Auction rigging, reseller madness, and scamming are becoming common place now- as unseeing players try to cope with the increasing costs within the game.

    Currently no new players are staying around, prices are constantly going up, older players are leaving daily. The main increase I noticed was for space flights to the asteroid. at first the price was 16 PED(1.60US one way), then 20 PED, and now advertised at 25 PED…. all witin 6 months.

    RIP Entropia — The Gamers Lost- Beggerman ;-(

  56. latest….
    Oh well, just as I expected my account on Entropia has been wiped by MA. Allow me to explain – anyone sounding oppinions that are in a bad light for Mind Ark gets pulled. I had never experienced this and to be truthful half expected it. Lucky that all my stuff in the game had already been given to friends, skills chipped and given away etc.
    I stand by my previous comment and now more so, you cannot run a succesful business if you do not acknowledge the concerns of your customers, and more importantly dictate to them how they should air their opinions. The stance by MA (now more people say My Arse- than other conutations) is infantile, and verging on dictatorship – IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS THEY WILL LEAVE…..
    .. and are doing.
    Glad to be out, more so now than ever. Many more are feeling the same way, judging by opinions expressed privately by others who have emailed me their support for raising this from people/friends within the game.
    Maybe now they will ban everyone I ever spoke to – it is laughable. MA – grow up.
    Lastly one has to wonder why support there takes forever, bad PR brings on instant dismissal. Allow me to elaborate, virtual items are in essence worthless – pixel dust. MA promise a price for sure – BUT – this is the tt price (trade terminal) all other price hikes are hype, or insane rich people who think it is an investment.
    Secondly – virtual property is in fact worthless, the real world has supply and demand for property, goods etc. In game MA can create as many virtual dolls houses they like and a new world is a new server – nothing more nothing less.

    NOTE- TT PRICE FOR LAND or property IS 0. zilch, nada, worthless if no-one is left to buy it….

    So in conclusion – as a previously depositing player- don’t play, don’t bother – we have enough real life dictators, industrial tax evaders and cheats within the real world without some two bit scammers running a game like this.
    sad to say it but has got to be said.

    RIP- Entropia – was fun till I saw the cracks in the pavement

    bEGGERMAN. ;-(

  57. Great frustration i read, but
    PA is still crowded every day, my society (DES) is weekly welcoming nice new players and most of them are staying.
    The thing with the sweat (experienced players can still gather their own sweat, earlyer you lost the abilty to sweat after a few months) has made a pricefall of sweat, but you can still earn some basic ped.
    Because of the pricefall mind essence is getting cheaper too so the game is getting better than before.
    And my own experience is that hunting the small mobs is giving more small loot than before (i can not share the conclusions of beggerman of getting it all harder, but im no crafter, only a middle class hunter).
    About, the TT + prices of property and land, are the houseprices in real life based on wath you get or what a fool wants to pay, its like real life.
    If nobody wants it, its worthless. Wall Street is the same bussiness.
    I, cant play without a deposit but is is

  58. about 10 usd a month now.
    Thats a good price for me for a game with the fun it gives.
    It is not more expensive than other games like this.
    And, IT IS A GAME, not a profession you can depand on living.
    And i like the change of sometimes getting a HOF but no problem without.
    I’ve my own job to earn my money. And if MA make a mistake with an uprgade the sure correct it the next VU (i hope).

    Waldemar “De Dromer” van Ruijvesteijn

  59. Well ive read the comments above. My personal experience with the game is this I have never deposited a penny/cent etc and currently have around 500$ worth of items (not including skills wich can be sold).

    However i have played for over 3 years now and the game can be very tedeous my advice to anyone who wants to make money in this game is this DONT hunt or do anything that will cost you money just sweat untill you have about 100 ped’s then use this money to buy items and sell them (Like a trader) if you think you can go out and hunt/craft/mine and turn a profit you WONT you will just slowley lose money ignore the names comming up in chat saying X won X because chances of it being you is very very slim and even when it is the ammount you will win will only probably make you break even on that hunt /mine/craft etc.

    Look at the game like a fruit machine you may win the jackpot one day but if you add up all you have spent you have lost overall.

    Like somone said above if you pay 10$ a month into the game just trade with it and you will turn a profit treat it like shares with pretty graphics that way you will make more than you put in once you start firing that gun or mining and crafting then your going to loose.

    So overall i wouldnt recomend this game to anyone who thinks that they can play (so to speek hunt/mine/craft) and turn a profit however if you treat it like stocks and shares and DONT hunt/mine/craft but only trade you can turn a profit if your on the ball.

  60. Maybe a good advice from plum, but when nobody hunts, crafts or mines they game will be death within weeks. MA lives on the monthly deposits from satisfied players who dont worry about a small deposit each month.
    And trade is not a guarantee, lot of money is lost by less experienced traders with the esi hype of last weeks (76 ped –> 102 ped –> 82 ped)
    and most of the time trade is no fun, because always you give too less and ask too much. I’ll be to honest for that.


  61. You CAN make money (trading) but it takes HARD WORK (just as in real life)
    And if u deposit then u take a RISK.

    Or u can only play for FUN but then it will cost.

    Its your choise…..

  62. My suggestion would be SWEAT TRADE SWEAT TRADE SWEAT TRADE or make a deposit then only hunt mine craft with your profits from sweating and trading you will lose a lot of the time then gain lots of skills and after a while will start hitting hofs and globals. Then save up for land shops etc and invest wisely. All this will fund your hunting habits hence making tidy profit:) Just use your brains.

  63. Mindark is indeed a scammer in long run. Ammending world system just to pull more money out of the players with nothing in return. It will end up like enron. They recently introduced decay to cloth and armor per “putting on”, raised auction fees to justify sales of virtual shops, they keep selling things, then when people reach a point of breakeven, they introduce something new to ruin it (check the net regarding painting). they keep very few uber users happy (because they either played since the beginning, or have already deposited thousands of usd in game). Ever single patch they are bringing is only to make things cost more for the players ..oh yea and some graphical enchancements.

    my two pecs, if you play, do not put any money in, or put shitloads of it (for those who whine “why not play for fun”).

  64. The following is an Open Letter to Mindark regarding their latest Update. They had promised shiny new armor and redesigning your avatar to work with the upcoming new graphics engine. What we got was unannounced underhanded sneaky increases in decay, by making us pay to put on clothes and armor, and nerfing of various aspects in the game, all with the intention of puling more money out of the players pockets. The resulting outrage on was unprecedented. Generally it was not so much the amount of money MA was taking as
    the fact that they didn’t bother to tell the customers that they intended to tax them. Standard procedure for this arrogant company. Anyway… read on, this will explain:


    Open Letter to MA

    The latest developments around this VU have just shown again that MA is one of the most unprofessional companies ever… Luckily for them, the original business Idea is pure Genius and hence EU is working as well as it is atm.

    MA has developed a unique gaming experience which hardly any other game can offer. The concept of an RCE game is genius and after a difficult start MA was able to gather a very dedicated and quite unique player base. The EU community is equal to none. A small community of very dedicated and active player who are willing to pay and deposit much more to be part of this “Special Universe” than any other MMORPG player ever would.

    Being part of EU you invest into your avatar, in it’s skills, in it’s equipment. The basis of such investment is some feeling of stability and continuity which will guarantee for my investments for the future like in any real economy. The difference is that we are playing a game. We don’t want the “real” economic uncertainty, the “real” difficulties of life in the form of excessive taxes and other hardship. All of us are happy to pay a price to play. We realise MA is a business which needs to survive and all of us are willing to spend money on ammunition, decay and fees.

    But within the last four years of EU, formerly PE, the game has evolved. Not only in terms of features but also with respect to cost of game play. We have seen an increase in decay, we have seen a nerfing of Weapon efficiency, we have seen a reduction in Loot, we have seen the introduction of insane ATHs to mask the fact that in average far fewer HOFs are paid out. The community has voiced concerns every times such changes occurred but after a while most of us tried to get to terms with these changes and to carry on playing, finding ways of minimising losses and to play the most efficiently as possible. I for instance hardly ever use big armours and weapons anymore because I simply can not afford to in the long run…

    The Latest VU change has just been another blow to most of us. There are some that don’t care about how much they spend, but many feel like the recent changes will have a serious impact on their cost of playing. We see the introduction of a special tax for changing armour and clothes, masked with a pretty cheeky excuse about lag and as if this wasn’t enough, you introduce another armour piece which forces everybody in this game to deposit some more and to pay even more decay on armour for the future…

    Enough is Enough !!!

    Can I remind you that your Head of Communications is regularly telling us: MindArk’s business plan states that we aim for a cost of 1 USD per hour. (Source:…ad.php?t=37166) How on earth is this achievable ? Have any of you ever tried playing this game for real? Have any of you got any idea how much time some of us spend in this game, how many hours we spend ? In normal MMORPG I pay 15+30$ max per month and I can play as much as I like, with 1 hour per day that gives me a cost of play of 1$ daily… Ok you will say that EU is different but even if the cost was 3$ which it is not, the game costs me 90$ per month to play. Now cost of playing varies: I can be economical and pay nothing if I chat and trade, or I can blast away 100$ in an hour with my ML if I want to. But in any case, in average, I will never ever be able to play properly for 1$ per hour.

    I said that we the players don’t mind paying, we don’t even mind paying more, we are all willing to pay much more to play than anybody else… but why do you keep beefing up the cost of playing for the existing player, why do you keep squeezing more and more cost out of our basic setup? Do you realise that this game becomes unplayable for most of us in the long run?

    Why don’t you increase the number of features in EU to generate new sources of income for MA? Why don’t you create new inworld games, new professions, game levels like beacons, the stock exchange, new planets, now continents, now challenges that we would all be willing to pay for if we got some extra ?

    Why does MA not increase the size of it’s player base? We all know for fact that MA does not have half a million players, we are a couple of 10k players at max and you know it (even SL has only about 20k active players with their 1.2m registrations), so stop lying to us.

    Why don’t you diversify away from the core setup and cost and generate more income through more players, more features. We would all welcome that and support you and make good use of them. I would certainly spend another $ per day if I get something in return for it.

    You have one of the best and most dedicated communities out there and yet you totally ignore their advice, their concerns. You keep telling us that you are listening but you are not.

    After the last Landgrab the community asked for more info from your Communications Head and gave many many suggestions since then. To this day we have not seen more than a few question sessions. You still have not sent us a questionnaire to make us contribute to your future strategy. Why don’t you listen to your customers ? We are the most loyal customers you could ever have, so why don’t you believe us in what we say?

    I know how business is run, and I know that you need to make money. I know that you need to earn money, I don’t live in a fantasy world. But MA is not really short cash, at least it wasn’t before the CRYengine project. If you can’t afford CRYengine, then just leave it. Have you realised that your players have never been whining about more features and more graphix and more funky stuff. We always whined about bugs, about stats changing, game play like LandGrab not working… We like the game as it is. Make it run smoothly first before making it even more and more funky for nothing.

    You keep promising and starting things and never finish them in the end anyway.

    What about the “Entropian” magazine ?

    What about the “PHYsics” hardware support?

    What about the Stock Exchange ingame?

    What about the Factories?

    What about the Night, Day, Sandstorm features announced in 2003?

    What about that Cash Card?

    What about the regular Community Relations promised. The last post from Marco on EF was on 27.08.2007.

    What about that Landgrab overhaul ?

    What about that Chinese Business Deal ?

    MA is a master of releasing funny press releases but if a journalist ever wanted to check on what actually happened with these new gimmicks, one would wonder…

    All I want to say is that you at MA need to seriously review your strategy and your response to your customers, your customer relations and your way of doing business.

    You are in the unbelievably lucky position to have a community which is willing to help you with ideas, feedback and which is willing to pay the price for good game play. The way you are walking now you will make EU just another expensive Computer game which people will try out for a few months. But you are scaring away the long term players with big investments, the real community players. There are several games out there which are experimenting on the same business model and you can see the day coming when SONY or some other big Company will release a game with the same model, 10 USD monthly subscription + RCE. Don’t you dare introducing that feature because you will just be like any other MMORPG when you do and you can not win that race…

    We can help you make EU unique, we know what the players want, we know what makes EU a cool game, we know what we are willing to spend money for…

    I urge you to have a very careful read through all Support Cases you have received following this VU, I urge you to read all the posts on Entropia Forum and to stand up and to review some of your decisions.

    I feel cheated, I feel insulted, I feel Ripped Off atm and I am writing this after having slept over it. Take this chance and Fix it ! Most of us are more than willing to stay your loyal fanbase and to keep playing.


    To the Community,

    I might not be saying what everybody thinks but for those who do think like me, pick one of the guys on top of this list and send them this Letter by mail as I will. I am not sure they have any clue what is going on atm and I want the heads at MA to know what is going on. If you don’t like it, write something yourself but I am happy for anyone to take this letter and forward it to them in hardcopy. If you find their E-mails, use those but they are not officially published so it’s a bit hard to prove if they work.

    I just want EU to be the best computer game in the world and I want the community to stick together in this and to maybe achieve something, help to make it better. I don’t want to quit just yet because I hope that we can maybe achieve a little…


  65. This “game” is nothing but a huge scam. There are 2 types of tools in this game: those employed by Mindark and those who work (play) for them for free. Most of the other avatars in the game are employees of Mindark, their sole reason for existing is to entice new players into depositing, then others (the same person logged in as a different avatar?) come along and try to scam you out of it. I know for a fact that there are employees working there who log in as many different avatars at the same time. Look at Port Atlantis, you see dozens of avatars standing around not moving. Add some people to your friend list. Watch it. You will notice people logging off at the same time then rejoining at the same time a minute later after their computer reboots. You will see it again and again. You will see them using the same type of slang, same sense of humor, same because it is the same person controlling those avatars. The names of the avatars all structured the same.

    You will also see if you look in the auction, the economy is rigged. Supply and demand. If an item is in high demand, it demands a high price as long as the supply is limited. But in this game the employees will put items in auction at insane markups and then buy them from the auction if no one else does. The same exact item YOU put in auction only gets sold if the markup is UNDER market value. Also try to notice the number of bids and bidders, view the items and look at the names of the bidders. Notice anything strange? same people put item on auction then go bid on another persons item the SAME item they themselves are trying to sell? The market is rigged. Look at basic filters, a crafted item: they are useless, have no use in the game whatsoever. But look in the auction you will notice some being sold and people apparently buying them (the employees) to keep the price above tt value. The game is a fraud and you will have better enjoyment and loose less money if you go withdraw your money from the bank and start giving it out to beggers on the street instead of to these bums at Mindark. You will also get to see a REAL universe with REAL avatars! Don’t be a tool.

  66. re: the above post.

    wrong in about all respects. MA has too little to do with their game. there are not avatars under the employement of mindarc. you are way too paranoid. they make it, but but are not playing it. anyone dealing with support or corporate could tell you that. they are commonly out of the loop on ingame stuff. stuff only players would know. what you see happening is happening, but for the reasons you state.

  67. For god sake, Entropia universe is not a fucking scam! People just lose their money on it because they are shit at handling it, but they blame the game.
    Go die in a house fire.

  68. Did anyone really expect to download a free game, play it for free and get paid to do it? I hope not. I never read any promise from MindArk to that effect.

    Anyone can play the game for free! You just have to get going with sweating, once you get skills everything is easer to keep doing.
    You were just one of the people who loged on for a few days, tryed sweating…then got sick of it and put 22$ into the game, expecting to get rich, hahaha, if you want that keep playing Runescape!

  69. I would like to see a review on this game as of the present date 14th feb 2008 , I have been playing a couple of years now and a lots of deposits later and I have never hoffed. Most I had was 45ped in one go but looking at things on a per hunt basis you are lucky to break even. I used to think things were bad a couple of years ago! There 10 times worse now , especially on newbies, sweat used to be 5ped per 100 , now you lucky to get 0.3 to 0.5PEC!! per 100 , your talking spending 12 hours per day just sweating to get a couple of nights hunting and not depositing. Add to this the loot drops are rarer these days.

    Also MA has a habit of fixing bugs that are of no help to the player. An example of this is bugs relating to an item decaying too fast MA have been supposed to fix for years. Basically proving they have no interest in their player bases enjoyment , only money. Seriously anyone that gave this game a good review a couple of years back, go play it now – Its ridiculous.

  70. The post above me is correct, where it used to be 5 PED for 100 sweat, it is now 5.55 PED for 1,000 sweat and it fails to get sweat over and over and over till 15minutes later you get 18 sweat

    if you were to sweat constantly 12 hours a day for 3 days you would probably get one nights worth of hunting, the guys who made entropia have pretty much made sure to evolve the game so that even more people are forced into depositing money

    there are plenty of free games out there which an option to spend real money for ingame stuff, but you can still enjoy them without having to ever deposite any money! you dont have to spend a week doing tidious crap to be able to hunt, the guys who made entropia are the most gready developers out there

  71. I used to play this game one and a half year ago without setting in money. I earned a little on gathering sweat and actually got two good loots with a combined value of 350 peds or so:) However, I quickly used it all up. People got to be smart enough to know that someone have to loose money on this game. Like all other money games it can be dangerous for the ones that cant control themselves. But its fun.

  72. just a word of caution, Im an Entropia player and I enjoy it despite its casino similarity. But as to what you have read above, and probably immediately below, I understand that MA has public relations people pretending to be bloggers. This means that some of the posts you have read… do any of them seem overly positive or unlikely… may be written by a Mind Ark pr person. This is not confirmed and only what I have read elsewhere but it is highly disturbing. Think it over and take every review with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  73. hahaha….read all the paranoid stuff in here…loads of fun..!

    Personnaly, I´ve played the game 4 about three months now, deposited quite a lot (~500euro), been hunting for the bigger part, but also mined and crafted a lot… and I´ve got like 20-30 globals ranging between 50-180, and two HoFs, one in teamhunt (argo scout :P) 2500PED and one on my own 1100PED (foul scavenger) and thats just in hunting…. so i think im about even with the game if i just include my skills, and my equippment is wortha lot as well.. if i take this in consideration, EVERY FUCKING PEC i used/lost/won/gave away was woth it….i have LOADS of fun playing this game, all the time exploring new environments and creatures!!

    Indeed MA (Mindark) is making a LOT of money on this, well offcourse they do, they are a business, not a charity, and if u compare this company to any other company in the world, u will see that they have the same goal, revenue, and loads of it!

    I think the uber ATH:s is going to the people who (often) truly deserves it, i mean look at them, they put in thousands and thousands of sweet, sweet dollars, and they get hopefully what they put in! and EVERY day, a noob gets big HoFs, u see the small mobs like feffoid, allophyl, argonauts pay up to 10.000PED, and in what way is that bad??

    Im like this, i play cause its fun, and i dont mind cutting my drinking sessions a bit short, or spend a little less on clothes, just to be able to play this fantastic game!

    And all n all… u dont HAVE to deposit, so 4 all who believes they´d be rich by gathering sweat or depo like 20$ …newsflash folks….UR NOT!!

    keep up the good work Skeltoac 😀

    blessings from nestor jah

  74. It is difficult to compare EU to other games.

    With other games, you slave away for hours doing quests and end up with a top lvl character. You feel great, the game play was fun, but that character is totally detached from the real world.

    However, EU is like stepping into a parallel universe – your character is just an extension of you because he is spending your money in the same way that you do! This is the major attraction for a lot of players, who anticipate that EU will still be around as long as they will.

    I have played EU for over 2 years at a medium level. Here are my thoughts…


    The average age of players is around 30, therefore it is quite a mature and civilised game.
    There is only one server (or instance), therefore you can bump into anyone at any time.
    The senior players are well known to lesser players, as they are all on the same server and often in the same areas.
    The only other game with a real cash economy, Afterworld, is still in its early days and seems to have a lack of funding. So EU is effectively unique and will remain unique for several years at least.
    In EU, everything fits together – you can mine some ore, make that ore into a weapon and then kill something with that weapon. There are no classes that define your character.


    This game is boring if you are determined to not deposit – a very high percentage of players quit in the first few days.
    It’s not a get-rich-quick game – almost all of the money made in the game is created by first buying something very expensive. However, if you are clever and have time, you can break even for long periods of time.

    You can buy and sell your skills. This means if you stop playing the game, you can make some quick money.

    The game is veeeery open-ended. You do not follow a set path and you make your own goals.

    Now the money bit…

    Many players do not deposit. 99% of them quit. The 1% who stay see the game as a personal challenge to not deposit. They will never progress fast in the game but they know that. They will gradually increase their wealth and profit slowly.

    Many players deposit $10 a month and have lots of fun. They will never be uber players – this is absolutely impossible for them – but they will get skills and progress nicely in the game and become medium level players one day.

    A minority of players deposit large amounts of money (e.g. $1000 monthly)and they can beecome uber players with the best skills and bext equipment. The total amount of money you’d need to deposit to become an uber player (one of the top 50 or so) would be very roughly $100,000.

    Some other questions:

    Grinding? Yes, there is a huge amount of grinding, although this only starts after about 6 months of exploring and discovering.

    Addictive? Yes.

    Realistic to become a highly skilled player, whilst playing on a budget? No.

    I think in summary, this is a great game if you fit into one of the following categories:

    – you have lots of free time
    – money is no object
    – you want to invest RL money in an online game
    – you are curious of EU’s RCE or business model
    – you want a game with a very high shoot-em up factor
    – you want a game with no restrictions on game play

    Quests? No.

    PvP? Yes.

    My advice. Download it and play it. Deposit £10 or $20 on your first day. See how it goes. It’s a game for the long-term.

  75. Having been a hardcore gamer for over two decades some of the people posting here are just plain stupid. Some of the crap people are bitching about is stupid. What has happened to computer gaming is the same thing that has happened to everything else. Humanity has figured out a way to capitalize it. Naturally as a gaming purist I hate it, but as an advocate of free markets I embrace it. For the few posts that suggest this game needs regulation you must either be attorneys looking for new markets or government tax collectors looking for new customers.

    FACT #1
    Computer gaming COSTS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does not matter what game you are playing. It don’t matter if its an MMORPG or not. The only variable is HOW MUCH MONEY. How much bandwidth do I need to pay for. How much do I need to spend on computer hardware. How much is the software. How much, how much, how fraken much…

    FACT #2
    EU is NOT gambling. Let us analyze three common criteria of gambling used in the U.S. court system:

    1) Consideration usually means players must pay something of value to be eligible to participate.

    You do not ever have to pay anything to participate. In addition to participating for free you can also advance your character by never paying from collecting and selling sweat. There is no gray area here what I just said is a black and white fact.

    2) Prize includes not only money, but anything of value.
    This statement is not true because one does not play games exclusively for money. If all of these people above played exclusively for money or value then they would not have deposited would they? They would have kept sweating which earns money for free. Obviously there is another criteria that a game must have to satisfy most gamers. A lack of boredom. The reason all of these people above deposited was not because of a prize but due to the boredom of playing exclusively for money (ie sweating). Go back and re-read their posts. Is boredom not the #1 reason cited for choosing to deposit versus sweat?

    3) Chance means the outcome is not determined by skill.
    The word chance gets to the heart of what makes great gamers great. A great gamer understands that games are based on mathematical probabilities. A great gamer seeks to understand the formulas used by any given game either by developer published information, hacked information, or their own in game testing methodology. Once a great gamer understands the formulas they are able to assess odds and formulate strategies. Probably one of the most commonly used terms by great gamers is damage per second which would apply to a plethora of games. Even by calculating damage per second it is still possible to do zero damage twenty consecutive attempts in a row, but is it probable? My point here is that there is a great degree of skill involved in understanding game mechanics and formulating any given strategy. It’s almost scientific.

    So what we have here on this blog is a bunch of people who want to be great gamers bitching about this and that but they will always get bored too quickly to ever become a great gamer. We also have several people on this board that realize they are not great gamers and are satisfied being a good gamer because they enjoy the game. And we also have a select few great gamers who will actually make money playing this game once they perfect their strategy.

    Now here is the reality for any great gamer. Once you formulate your strategy it is no longer a game it is work. The great gamers are the players who can sweat day in and day out and not get bored. Because when you are playing to an almost scientific strategy it becomes that tedious and boring at times. A great gamer has the ability to stave off boredom by playing to a very specific strategy. This is mainly because the satisfaction the great player seeks is not necessarily from playing the game but realizing a successful strategy.

    Is it just me or is it ironic that economic success in real life follows a similar pattern? Unless you get lucky of course… which can also happen in EU.

  76. Bottom line is, Project Enthropia Sucks. If you are a person who takes great amounts of pride in buying your way through a game, then this is the game for you. If mummy & doddy give you 100K a year to dump into a “Video Game” (cleverly disguised UNREGULATED online casino) then you will be “Uber”, otherwise you will play and play until you realize that SKILL will get you nowhere in PE. You can’t get anywhere in this game without dumping massive amounts of real life ca$h into it.
    Every item in this game (mining, hunting, building, etc.) will cost you more to use than what you can make with it. i.e. weapons take damage “Uber” FAST and burn ammo FAST and miss a third of the time unless you have spent either years or BIG MONEY, BUYING your skill levels up (yes, who needs to actually EARN skills when you can just ask your CEO father to zip you off a check for them). Whatever little rodent you finally manage to take down will be worth less that what you spent for ammo and repairs.
    It’s almost a shame. If M.A. was a little (OK alot) less greedy and corrupt, and they actually developed more things like “missions” and “goals” in this game, it would probably be bigger that W.O.W. Truthfully, PE is a very beautiful looking game. It has a MASSIVE world to explore which really is awe inspiring. I honestly spent weeks in this game just exploring the massive world and seeing what this place was all about. After I was through wandering, I decided to start “playing”. (do something else besides roam and gather sweat). That’s when I discovered that there really isn’t anything too great or amazing to do in this game. About the only “missions” are lame little robot shooting games. Other than that, you basically wander around buying a bunch of junk. That’s pretty much it. Check YouTube for the “Uber” cool homemade vids of people “playing” this game. Yup, they stand around and dance ALOT and have little fashion shows displaying the pretend clothes that they paid a REAL fortune for.
    So if you can’t resist checking this game out to sooth your curiosity, BEWARE! I hear MindArk has a TON of M.A. employees planted in every corner of this game. This includes forums, chat rooms, message boards, FAKE “GLOBALS”, you name it. Take a look up, you may just see a few. You will always see plenty of people hanging out next to the teleporters. They’re not chatting, or fumbling with inventory, they are doing absolutely NOTHING for hours on end. These are shills who are on several different accounts at once. Try talking to a few at the same time and see what happens. Sometimes they will get mixed up and respond to the names of other users that you are talking too… a dead give away. The longer you are here the more you will see that this game is one of the biggest, shadiest, creepiest scams on the internet. These people (like Neverdie for example) will tell you whatever you want to hear and even “befriend” you in order to get you to “invest” in this pointless money pit of a “game”.
    If you journey out far enough, you will eventually find a place on the map that you will probably never forget as long as you live. The name escapes me at the moment, but is was originally the “capitol” of Entropia. This place IS FREAKIN’ HUGE! You can literally wander around for several hours through this enormous city and never come in contact with another player. It is totally abandoned just like something out of the movie “Night of the Comet” or “I am Legend” and very creepy to say the least. Don’t talk about it too loudly though, because it makes some of the other players …ummm shall we say, “edgy”. I wonder why the creators of this game would develop an ENORMOUS virtual city, with hundreds of virtual miles of virtual real estate and then abandon all of it? You can (cough) probably (money laundering) figure it out if your real smart.
    NEVER, EVER FORGET that this “game” is completely UNREGULATED. This means that unlike “REGULATED” casinos who have to pay out a certain percentage of the take, these people can get away with paying out a tiny fraction of a percentage of the take and can even FAKE the rest (i.e: M.A. Employee… errr JOHNNYDINOHUNTER just killed an ATROX YOUNG worth 978 ped! Hurray JOHNNYDINOHUNTER!). If a company CAN get away with ripping everyone off, they WILL get away with ripping everyone off. A person with a little common sense will soon discover that the only “real” game at P.E. is called “Fleecing the Noobs” or “Drain the rich kids bank account”. ANYBODY would be MUCH better off to just buy a PS3, Wii, 360 or even a stand up multicade then to waste a single penny on this scam.

  77. If you want to lose €5000 and more a month doing a few clicks, this is the right game for you. Beware of gettin scammed by a company having swedish court in back !

    This is a serious warning, I lost > €10000 playing as economic as a mid-level player can do, didn’t realize my addiction until my real life was ruined by the debts I got through EU !

  78. I felt the need to illustrate that Entropia Universe does not produce losses for all players…. if you have an addictive personalitly and no patience, dont play. I myself began making profit in the first month of play. Through exploring, and mining remote locations I drew to HOF’s worth around 25 USD each, which doubled my initial investment. Through upgrading equipment to suit my skill levels, and constantly learning from other players about the intricacies game, I am now profiting from mining on every trip. THIS GAME TAKES PATIENCE.

  79. hey guys………..i see this is a massive topic and i just really needed to say a few things.

    Ive played this game for over 6months……i stopped because of school and work…..

    i had never deposited 1cent into this game, but i ended up leaving with over 250 US$ in the bank. I did this by playing economically…..saving up wen i could…..making money wen i could, so please ppl, dont say that this is a scame because it isnt………..there is alot to b made in this game and all u need is a little bit of pacients…………..

    a good example is my friend ZiD…..he HoF with an ATH of 145k Peds on a atrox alpha……..he never deposited a cent………thats 14,500US$ for free……..only took him 7 months……………………………………………………………………………anything else you need to kno??

  80. Well, let me tell you my story in the most resume way I can find.

    I was in the project since 2003. From 2003 to 2005 I only see scams. Workers from MA shooting players and killing their hunt targets so they cant take lots. Strange bugs that make itens disapear. More strange patch that make items at Auction House to disapear and also the peds go with wind.. When I try to ask for the missing items I got my account locked for investigation for lot of time with no other explanation (see their self-made rules). When I was able to log again I notice that some more stuff have disapear. Again I claim and again I got my account locked again. They also accepted payement when my account was locked and the Peds never show up at account. Recentely, at this year, they sent me a e-mail “allowing” me to log back. When I did my acount was totaly clear, no items and no peds. I ask them and they say that I didnt log for many time (they have my account bloked with no reason, how could I log). I also ask them again for the payement made and accepted when account was locked and never were deposit to account. Their answer was a brand new self-made rule (as all the others) were it says that I have to pay them 40 dollars/hour so they investigate were goes my deposit (lol … a clear attempt to stole me a few more dollars).

    I could be here all day telling you details of my bad experience with this Swedish firm ( Sweden is far away from my country and any legal claim is almost impossible and very expensive)

    For me they are just like a casino, I pay for “PED” to use them in a viced dice game. The formulas are controled by them and adjusted to their profit. They also have several other ways to ensure their profit. Including this procedures I just tell you about.

    So, if you decide to join that modern way to thieve people be care , be very care because, for me, they are no trust people.

  81. There is no hunting ATH of 145k. The highest hunting ATH is just over 90k. There isn’t even any ATH on an atrox alpha. Please don’t write nonsense, Luismx.

  82. Seriously, the game IS a huge scam. You are much better off buying a new MMO that comes out, playing the hell out of it and then selling your account for real life money, than dumping money into this POS game.

  83. Its a scam trust me, its a stealth casino. THis 1 sentence can end all of the hot boys saying EU isnt a gambling site:

    Does it involve RL cash?, Is there an element of luck involved?

    Every1 with half a brain knows the above to answers, all you need to do now is google gambling definition :)) Quite simple really

    ROFL @ the comments about theres ways of doing it better.

    Sure yeah you can do most casino games, if not all, better, like doing it sober, etc. It still doesnt disguise the simple fact that EU is gambling.

    Unlike all other gambling sites though, its unregulated, un-licenced and doesnt carry warnings bout gambling additiction.

    Thats why i laugh at the comments saying i won blah blah, so that means EU isnt a scam, LOL!

  84. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!!!!…




  85. Its gambling Johnneverdie. By the way arent you an EU employee? 🙂

    I knowz people who lost on here and its like the other guy said, unlicensed and unregulated online gambling. Thats supposed to be illegal now in USA. Can someone whos not affliliated or employed by Entropia comment on that

  86. It’s got elements of being a casino, but not if you trade.

    read my squidoo lens on it entropia universe

    If you put a little money in it and trade well, you’ll make a little money out of it. Some people put in big money, like ship owners, or better, land-owners, and make a decent return. But it takes patience, and few people make a real life living out of it. It’s crazy to think that one can, without investing a great deal into it.

    It’s too simple to say that it’s just a casino or a scam.

    The problem is that people who are not gamers by nature, think it sucks. Whereas gamers, who are happy to put money into it, think to themselves something along the lines of, I’ll put the equivalent monthly sum that I would if I were taking out a subscription to World of Warcraft.

  87. I w ill share my experience , and to the paranoid people i dont work for MA nor am i an alien. I started playing entropia in 2008. I have about 8 months playing time , with a break in playing. My first day i tried sweating and didnt take long to realize i wasnt going to make money to play at the level I, and I stress I wanted to play at. so I depoed 20 dollars . with this money i bought some small mining equipment , and a small gun and ammo. In my first three days of mining i hit a melci water hof of 765 ped. i used this to upgrade my equipment and buy more ammo and probes. In the time ive played i have hit two other hof’s one for 830 on large stripped cotton fabric. and 400 something on atrox old. I have also hit numerous globals from 50 to 100 peds , alone and in team hunts. The thing you have to remember you arent going to depo 10 dollars and ath for 70k ped on your third shot, unless you are very very lucky. In real life you dont flip 3 burgers and earn 70k a year , you have to work your way up. Also if you max your credit cards to play a game you will not only lose in the game , but also in real life. Managing money here is no different then rl. irresponsible is irresponsible. be satisfied with low amounts at first , dont try to hunt atrox alpha on your third day of sweating. if you play the game with brains and patients its easy to play on a moderate amount and sometimes even come out ahead. In the long run i know i will have surplus ped , cause im not trying to get them all today and spend them yesterday…good luck

  88. This game is scam! It’s a casino camouflaged as an online game.

    I’ve played it for years (since 2001, a few months before it went gold/released) and I know what I’m talking about. All the shit about dmg/pec calculations are useless. Yes, you can reduce your loss somewhat, but this won’t make you profit! It will just allow you to last an hour or two (or day, depends on your play style, weapon and ammo usage per time and of course the money you pump in this casino). But in general, you will always lose.

    The only way to profit is luck. Only if you are lucky to get one of the rare globals (small wins of 50-250 PEDs) or some HoFs (bigger loot which one of the 20 highest this day or week) or the very very very very rare All time Hofs (comparable to jackpot in a casino or the jackpot in the lottery).

    Everyone who tells you, he constantly makes profit is either
    a) a liar
    b) is a trader (or shop owner for this case) or owns a piece of land he rents and manages good (doesn’t require ingame skill, only real skill and SHITLOADS of real money. Expect like 5.000-25.000$ (USD not PED!!!) to pump into a land + another 25.000 to populate/manage/advertise it etc in order to be profitable with this piece of land

    The general rule for Crafting/Hunting/Mining profession is: The average return rate is around 60%. This means if you use 50$ in ammo (and this is not much, it’s enough for like 2 hours of hunting with an MK II which is still a very beginners weapon) and go hunting, your will loot around 30$ worth of loot. So you basically lost 20$ in only 1-2 hours! That’s what some people have to work 2-4 hours in real world to earn so much.

    And the reason why this game is nothing else than gambling is the way Hunting/Crafting/Mining works. You pull the lever (ingame this means: Shoot at a monster, attempt to try an item or place a mine) and then following happens:
    a) You don’t get anything (crafting failed, no mining node found or the monster didn’t had any loot). For Hunting and crafting this happens around 20% of the time, for mining it happens around 40-60% of the time!!!!
    b) You won a little bit, but SIGNIFICANTLY less than you put in. This happens around 90% of the time when a) jump in
    c) You won a medium amount. You won more than you invested, but not enough to cover your losses from b). This happens quite rarely and in about 5-6% of the time a) don’t kicks in
    d) You won a high amount. This happens very rarely. In less than 1% of the cases. This is often enough to cover your losses in this run and give you a little to medium profit. However in most cases it’s not enough to cover profit of your last 5-10 runs
    e) You won the jackpot. This happens as rare as winning the jackpot in real life lottery. But if it happens, it will cover your next 10-200 runs on crafting, hunting or mining. This happens in around 0.00001% of all cases

    End of story? In 70% of the cases you will lose around 30-40% of the money you put in this slot machine called Entropia, in 20% you will only lose 5-15% and in 5% you will break even. In less than 1% you will make profit and in less than 0.0001% you will become rich. This is the typical scheme which casino and illegal gambling works.

    Entropia has nothing to do with skill (unless you are trader or land owner, which both aren’t official ingame professions as no ingame skills exists for those). In Hunting you can’t determinate by skill if you hit or miss. The game will do this for you, even if you accurately aim to the monsters body and it stands next to you, server will often tell you you missed.

    You can’t also calculate or determinate by skill the profits by skill. For example, if you could say: I kill 10 atroxes and spend 1500 Ammo on which costs me 15.00 and I know every atrox gives exactly 2 PED of loot it would make 20 PED of loot and for killing them I have 4 PED decay so in all I have 19.00 PED expenses and 20.00 PED loot, so I made a profit of 1.00 PED IF I never miss (i.e. use my real skill to aim accurately), then things would be different! Or if you aim good and hit the monster in the head you do double or trippe damage than if you shoot at it’s foot. This is (real life) skill based. Entropia is not, it’s luck based. And luck based games which involves money are called gambling in every country on this world and is only allowed if strongly controlled by government. Entropia is not governed by government!

    But this is not the case, personal skill doesn’t matter much in Entropia, luck is main factor.

  89. @the guy above me:
    You’re the typical example of a lucky guy. Sure some such people exist in Entropia, so they do in real live. But this is very rare. I’ve played since 2001 and I’ve only had like 3 globals higher than 100 PED and still lose 20-40% per hunt. If I still ever do any of them, as I realized the gambling effect of this hidden casino long time ago and mainly spend my time by trading and only go out hunting if I’m bored or have enough money which isn’t invested in any trades for the moment or can spare it w/o the risk of running out of funds for my trades.

    I almost feel bad for making money by trading/reselling and thus indirectly (slightly) driving prices up for a PED or two of profits (even though I always keep my prices fair, but this doesn’t change the fact that I buy stuff 2-3% below the market and sell it 1-2% above the market price and kind of prevent people who really need it to buy it cheaply).

    But this is the only thing which involves real life skill and is possible without huge investments of 10.000-50.000 USD which is hilarious for a game! Only a total maniac or rich brat would do something like this and spend such amounts in a few pixels inside an online casino game. However, trading is not very fun. Basically in the past 2-3 years I just logged in to buy stuff from AH, calculate profit margins and put it back in and log out and do this twice a week. The fun stuff (hunting, mining, crafting) is unpayable for a mortal unless you want to hunt snablesnots for 5-10 years.

  90. I have been playing for about one week.

    First few days, sweating for free money. Rate: about 2 ped per hour.
    That’s enough to buy you a gun and a bit of ammo. Early hunting loot does not repay for ammo costs.
    Fourth day I spent 10 dollars and bought mining gear, a healing tool, and some very basic armor upgrades.
    The next few days were lots of fun as I searched for mining spots and explored the vast world.
    However, just as before, the mining “hits” eventually were returning less than the cost of the mining probes… so… after four days of 5-6hour sessions eventually the funds ran out.
    I sold the healing unit, and half the specialty mining tools… got 20 ped back.
    Went out mining again… all 20 mining attempts returned nothing.

    Today, I spent the morning sweating for a couple ped. Mined again. Nothing.

    So here’s the deal-

    You will pay real money to enjoy the game the way it was intended to be played. Ignore the posts by people who said they didnt spend a dime… 2 ped an hour for sweating is the equivalent of you being paid 20 cents an hour for your efforts.


    I figure that you will have to pay in around 40 dollars per month if you are an active player… that’s about equal to 3 to 4 hours per day…. still well below the MA target rate of a dollar an hour but…

    You Will Still Have To Pay to Play.

    End of line.

  91. Hello readers,

    This article is about my personal experience with Planet Entropia or Entropia Universe which is what its now known as.

    I’ve been playing Planet Entropia since 2001 to 2009. Yes, I quit in 2009. Quitting this game is exactly like quiting gambling, as much as I hated the game mechanics, I loved the thrill of winning, the addicting sound of getting loot and the joy it gave me when I saw the shiny new items in the loot window.

    My life experience with Planet Entropia is exactly the same as all the others. I have a Gold Card and secure logger, which was sent free due to the fact that I deposited large amounts of money into my account. I put thousands of USD in the game and got nothing out of it except the thrill of winning something back, which on rare occasions happened. I had about 100+ globals and 4 hall of famers, throughout my whole Planet Entropia life. The Hofs were small, around 300 to 900 ped.

    I started reading through hundreds of help and strategy guides to maximize my potential. These guides/guidelines all failed to express one leading factor. The game mechanics and mathematical formulas change constantly and without notice. I found this out while crafting.

    I had found a great item to craft, which consistently gave me more than what I put in even at its trade terminal prices. On the second day of crafting this item my character got disconnected, right after I HoF’ed, surprised, I tried logging back in but found that my IP was blocked. After two hours of trying to login, I was finally successful, immediately I noticed my character had been moved a great distance from the crafting terminal I had disconnected at, nothing seemed to be missing so I didn’t have much to worry about except for the 2 hour IP block……..I was wrong.

    The great item that I had consistently been crafting was no longer returning the gains it was previously giving to me, instead I was losing everything with little to no gain at all. In my delusion I didn’t fully realize this until all my funds were gone. I could’ve deposited more money and hoped it was just a bad twist of luck but the 2 hour IP block was just too questionable. My thoughts was that I was cheated and that the company had “blacklisted” my account to receive less gains. This is my own opinion.

    After several days to fully think it through, I uninstalled Planet Entropia and vowed to never gamble with this game again. I have since been sharing “MY” experience with this company on forums and chat rooms.

    In “My” opinion this company is a scam and they cheat people out of their money. As far as the gambling part, its not gambling when your guaranteed to lose. Its like playing cards except the dealer looks at all the cards and hand picks them for each player’s hands.

    Thanks for reading my personal experience with Planet Entropia and have a good day..

  92. I’ve played Entropia Universe for 8 days now. I’ve spent this time sweating and looking for fruit/stones. I deposited $10 for trading.

    .. The game has great graphics.
    .. I love the music.
    .. Nice atmosphere (because of the music)
    .. Good movement system: click-based and key-based.
    .. Lots of different skills to wonder about.
    .. It uses RL money, so it has added reason to think about how to make a profit.

    .. Hunting/Mining/Crafting remind me too much of gambling
    .. Not a good introduction to the game for new players.
    .. PvE seems too cut and dry; it needs more flesh and background.
    .. Very few (i haven’t seen any, but a couple exist) quests and tasks to do.
    .. The cities aren’t really inhabited or used, they’re just for show.

    My review:
    Yes, I think the biggest thing has been my disapproval of the hunting/mining/crafting aspects. I have just come from trying out Second Life. The difference between Second Life and Entropia Universe is that Second Life feels much more like a real economy. Players can make new things and add new things to the world that they just simply cannot do in EU. Entropia Universe, by comparison, feels like it’s a fake economy that masquerades as a real one so that MindArk can exploit naive players and get rich off them. Everything, seemingly, is caught up in a yarn ball. MA controls everything.

    I think it does need to be regulated. Someone needs to protect the players from exploitation. The reality is that a free economy is all about exploitation. This is true in the real world and it’s true in Second Life and Entropia Universe too. The difference is that in EU (Entropia Universe) MindArk has too much influence over things. They have an unfair advantage because they have access to the code and future plans. Players do not own the economy and are not free to make new things. AS long as this is the case, they’re vulnerable to exploitation in the same way people are in a casino.

    The players don’t own the economy any more than a gambler owns the slot machine.

    Still, I will have EU a chance. I will play for at least another month to make use of my $10 deposit in some way. I really want to hope I am wrong. I want to hope that there’s an underlying strategy, perhaps mathematical, that will help me to find out where the profits are. I understand that if the average person could make a profit than MindArk would go bankrupt because they would be paying players too many PEDs to meet their balance sheets. The problem is that instead of making the world complicated and expansive so that players need to use real skills to understand it (and yes there will be winners and losers in this kind of scheme, like in the real world), they instead have made the world bland and based mostly on chance and formulas. So they have made a world that has winners and losers, but it’s not skill, it’s CHANCE.

  93. I want to make a further comment.

    If Sally and Billy invest $10 each into EU and they’re the only players, can you imagine a scenario where BOTH leave the game with a profit? Lets consider that MA taxes Sally and Billy $2 each to pay for servers costs, EU development and EU future planning. This leaves both Sally and Billy with $8 each worth of in-game currency. How can they both leave with an amount greater than their initial $10 deposit?

    This question has been eating me alive. I’m not an economics major. I do not yet understand how Entropia Universe works, but I don’t think everyone in it can walk away with more than they put in. I just don’t think that’s possible unless MindArk itself gives Sally and Billy extra money and thus goes bankrupt.

  94. This game is lame. Actually it’s not even a game, games have goals, accomplishments, etc. It’s just a big MONEY VAMPIRE. Wander around in circles and PAY PAY PAY to do it. “It’s the money spending game where the goal is to spend your money” WEEE!!!

    It isn’t gambling though. In gambling, you may actually have a chance to WIN from time to time. When you pay $50 to “win” $30, your not winning $30 — your losing $20. And again look around… if by some fluke you do “win” a jackpot, your account will likely be drained of the winnings!

    And for all who say that paying to play this POS game is worth it cause it’s so fun… WOW. There are a WHOLE BUNCH of games in this world to play that are A LOT MORE FUN TO PLAY THAN THIS “GAME” and for only a fraction of the cost. The only reason that ANYONE plays this is because they see that big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that isn’t there. Without the lure of money, NOBODY would play this.

    The only thing that still amazes me is that more people don’t speak up about it. People get ripped off for THOUSANDS and quietly go away with their tail between their legs. I think that it’s a good rule of thumb to TAKE BACK 10 TIMES the amount that you were scammed out of. Since you can’t TAKE anything back… THEN MAKE IT COST SCAM PLANET STUDIOS 10 times the amount that you were ripped off for.

    Post to as many blogs, videos and forums as you can to warn people about getting ROLLED by MIND ARK. Anyone who did any research before getting hooked into this scam would be able to see what was really going on. THEY WOULDN’T GIVE THIS COMPANY ANYTHING.

    Enough small losses add up to a HUGE LOSS. I learned that by playing this stupid game, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time.

  95. Yea right. I’ve been a participant of this game since 03… Spent thousands of dollars. I’m not a complete moron that runs around with the least efficient weapon shooting rocks etc. so if someone replies to this don’t assume everyone is an idiot and tell me about economics and choices.

    Unless you get LUCKY or don’t actually play the game through one of it’s professions, eventually you will lose pretty much everything you put into it.

    You could stand in town ripping people off by buying cheap and then selling it to someone else overpriced like a Dbag. “The Middle Man”.Seriously that is your profession? Or spend days sweating so you can shoot a couple of animals and get no loot then be back at sweating. Sure sounds fun.

    Ya I don’t feel a sense of entitlement and don’t feel like standing in towns for hours being a dick flooding the chat with advertising…. and so in order to do anything in the game I have to spend money.. and spend it you shall.

    I just did an inventory calculation to find my avatar’s value, with everything I’ve collected over the years.. It is around $80… out of several thousand! Half of that $80, I just deposited the other day, ha ha. It’s a lose lose if you PLAY the game, the professions are really just a choice of how you want to lose your money.

    Understand this game is expensive, VERY expensive.

  96. I ask you to compare this to WoW for a second. People there directly pay Blizzard a monthly fee for an online experience (if fishing for coins in WoW for 4 days is fun I don’t know but people pay for it). We can all agree that there is a 0.001% chance that you will find an item that you can go and sell to a third party for actual real life currency and even potential pay your membership with. If you don’t well I think you just gambled away your money to Blizzard.

    The problem with saying this game is a casino is because you went into it with the wrong mental state. “I see a game that I can get real money without going to a third party, it must mean that I can make profit… wait I didn’t make profit… this is a scam??” No my friend its a game and nothing more. You pay for your gameplay experience and not to make money. If you don’t like the gameplay sure rant on that but if you expect to be making easy money go onto those pay per click sites and after a year you’ll receive your 1$ check in the mail.

    I myself played the game and bought weapons in bulk from hunters and sold it back to new players for less then the auction house sold it for. After that I used my profits hunted a little and then returned to trading. For me not to have to deposit into the game I had to do a little trading which is normal but if you want to just be able to play the game and not have to worry about making money just deposit 20$ a month and you should be fine (all dependent on how rash you are with your money spending).

    Last note if you’ve spent a thousand dollars on this game in 4 years or more that’s normal (1000 / 4 / 12 ~ 20 / month) if you’ve spent thousands of dollars in less then 4 years with no business plan you might have a problem (no self control) I would recommend you send an e-mail to MA asking to get yourself blocked and do the same for any poker sites you come across and all your local casinos. Please don’t let the weak minded people control entertainment for the rest of us.

  97. well i still cant figure whether this game is a casino/or just an expensive game where you pay for your entertainment and fun,addictive sure it is i was so addicted on secondlife before that “losses were none profit was in couple of hunrends from selling lands .
    still playing for may be ayear and i ll be very proud if i quit .

  98. my view… there is a right and wrong way to play entropia, it is a completely different style to any other games as far as the variety of stuff, as well as the time it takes to do something properly, too many people come into the game with expectations of gradeur. if you go slow and are carefull with ur PED’s you can make a little last a rly long time.

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