More about the microwave

I wanted to defrost a chicken breast in the microwave. I pressed Defrost. The microwave read ENTER FOOD WEIGHT IN LBS so I entered 0.5 and pressed Start. A couple of minutes later the microwave, still running, started to beep.

What’s this all about? What couldn’t wait until the end of the cycle? Is the microwave going to ask me how my day was? No, of course not. It said TURN FOOD OVER in its scrolling LED panel.

Maybe I’m getting too accustomed to this machine thinking for me because I fully expected it to say TURN CHICKEN BREAST OVER. It didn’t, but what concerns me even more is that when it finished defrosting my chicken breast it said something very irresponsible: FOOD IS READY.

4 thoughts on “More about the microwave

  1. Andy, it is becoming quite clear that this machine is not to be trusted. Salmonella is very serious, as is the Bird Flu. Have you considered a toaster oven? True, it falls short on the de-frosting of meat, but mine has never tried to tell me when it is time to eat…

  2. hahaha My microwave, that piece of crap, used to say “Enjoy your meal,” when it finished. I used to stand there cursing it, and felt like throwing my hot coffee back in its face. Oh, even better, when you first plug it in, it would say, “Welcome to Panasonic.” HOW FREAKING EXCITING.

  3. Here’s my question. why is it when I defrost stuff in my microwave it asks for pounds. Well if I actually put in 1/2 lb of chicken, it will defrost for like 37 minutres. I think this is just slightly too long. I hate my microwave thinking for me.

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