So I said to God…

Tonight I had a burger and two glasses of wine. It was a merlot, which is not a grape I like very much, and it was the worst $20 bottle of wine I’ve ever tasted. I mean it wasn’t good. But I drank two glasses of it. Oh, me.

So anyway, this wine didn’t agree with my brain because even despite the water I drank, I woke up with a headache at 2AM and I haven’t been able to sleep since then. The usual remedies have failed me tonight.

In the three hours I spent trying to get back to sleep–perhaps “hoping” is a better word for it–I had some interesting thoughts. Like Michael Barrish, I like finding my thoughts interesting. Here:

  • It’s nice to have the smell of new furniture in my nose as I lie here.
  • Why is there a gap in the fossil record?
  • What would it be like to have tastebuds in my brain?
  • I really hope God fills in that gap in the fossil record or at least explains it in such a way that makes Christian fundamentalists have to believe that the planet is billions of years old.
  • It would be nice to have someone asleep next to me but I would hate to wake them up with my tossing and thrashing.
  • That was really bad wine.
  • Maybe if I’d had two burgers I would have slept better.
  • I’m not sleeping.
  • I’m going to blog this.

As I wrote the third item, my headache subsided. How can that be?

p.s. Lauren: If you lose your vicious battle you can still comment, right?

2 thoughts on “So I said to God…

  1. Ha. Just read your bio page. Pretty funny. I found you through my logs — well, I was probably finding pings from BOTD. At any rate, when I went back to BOTD, I noticed the little part I missed (I’ms so sorry! I didn’t RTFM!) about tagging with NSFW. I will be better, though I doubt anything I put up is that horrid, people have a wide variety of boundaries for what’s un/acceptable. I doubt that the rotating masthead images are that bad or that the painted Starbucks logos was too outrageous, but who can tell these days?

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