Front page of the Bismarck Remarker

Mandan, ND – Sally Worth

A state trooper caught a naked man crossing I-94 west of Sunset Drive late Saturday night. The man’s only possesions were what he had in his hands: a deerskin bag full of tinder and a makeshift knife made out of wood and broken glass.

The trooper, Sergeant Charles Plimpton, hypothesized that the man, nicknamed “Adam” because he lacks ID and hasn’t yet spoken a word, must have a camp somewhere nearby. “You don’t just sleep out under the stars every night without some shelter,” he said. “The elements out here would kill a man on three nights out of the week.”

Plimpton was pulling his cruiser into the westbound speed trap when he discovered Adam lying flat in the tall grass of the median. Apparently the man had been trying to escape attention as he crossed the road. The trooper called out to the naked man, asking him to come forward, but there was no motion so he approached him with his baton extended.

“I couldn’t tell if this guy was dead or if he was playing dead. He might have escaped from prison for all I knew, so I called for backup,” Plimpton recalled. “He was wise not to resist when I arrested him. It’s not fun chasing a naked man through the prairie.”

“Adam” has been very docile, according to the psychologists that have kept him company since his detainment Saturday. Prof. Jules Bernville notes that the man shows understanding of the English language: “When we present him with a choice of foods and ask his preference, he points. Asked which he dislikes, he indicates something else.” Bernville thinks the man is “probably just some guy who got fed up with his wife and kids and the system and took off… everything.”

Local authorities are bewildered as to how to handle the issue. Meanwhile, a small band of protesters have formed outside of the building where Adam is being held. People of all faiths have come together to demand his release into the wild.

“Adam is the real deal,” preaches Gloria Franken of the local Interfaith Union of Ministries. “Everyone here agrees that his detention is a sin against the Higher Authority. We won’t quit until he’s free again.”

Franken was also overheard ordering another protester to drive to the Best Buy in Fargo and dictating a shopping list including GPS receiver, night vision goggles and a tranquilizer gun. She refused to answer any questions about the matter.

Plimpton remains hopeful that Adam will be rehabilitated into society. “I’ve wanted to do that: to run away from it all and live in the woods. I even think I’d look good with a long beard.” A local barber, who asked to remain nameless, estimates from a photograph that Adam has not cut his whiskers in fifteen years.