Monthly Archives: June 2006

Wind-warm Factor

It's hot down here. I don't bother to look at the temperature because it would go to my head and I'd stay indoors all day. I know it's over 100°F because even as I ride at 45mph, the air warms my skin. The effect is like that of a convection oven. It's almost the opposite of wind-chill. Unfortunately the term "windburn" describes a phenomenon that is unrelated to heat. What can we call this then?

Busted Flapper

Stoneleigh at Gracy Farms is where I have lived for almost two years. Today I walked into the leasing office and had the following exchange:

Manager: How can I help you?
Me: I have a busted flapper.
Manager: Which one?
Me: In the master.
Manager: Okay, I'll put in a work order. 816, right?
Me: Yup. Thanks!

Now that's good service. Not only did she instantly know what I meant by "a busted flapper," she knew my apartment number. I can't believe how cheap the rent is, too. If I had a roommate paying half of it I would be rich indeed.